Retribution: Horrible DPS

I can confirm that Ravenfail's economy is !@#$, has always been %^-*, likely will be !@#$ until it gets merged, and Shadows of the Emerald Isle suck.

Specifically for the trinket, unless your previous one was somewhere in the low 300 ilvl range it was actually better. While ret can proc the spellpower effect.. it doesn't give us any spell power. Just keep running Direbrew until you get the coaster. It's an awful trinket, but it's at least appropriate for the spec.

I can't make gold as efficiently as some people, any tips?

More efficient pve! It really depends what you spend your time doing, but really, just doing things should be getting you gold. Using instances or scenarios to cap valor generates a fairly decent amount of gold. If you're flying around Pandaria and see a skull on your map, kill it. If you see a Zandalari Warscout, kill it. Do you do old instances to collect transmog gear? If you do, try to only do those instances alone or with a small group. Pick up all that crap that drops and sell it. The AH on your server is bad, so things like old content cloth probably still sells pretty decently.

Finish professions. You're pretty far on mining, but neither are far enough you can't start over. Professions aren't just good for making money, some of them are also very good at preventing your need to spend money. Spend a couple days farming drops to level enchanting, and thing of all the gold you (should be) put into enchanting your gear. That's gold you would no longer need to spend.
to level enchanting

Or jewelcrafting!

And since he already has mining leveled a bit although I guess enchanting is easier to level.
It not a ret problem. You're not properly geared. Fix that problem and work on your professions and you will easily be able to reach 80k+ dps (at least) single target DPS with that same gear score.
Enchanting is the worst to level, but it's a profession that you actually gain a lot out of without trying. The game pours out greens and blues that serve no purpose except to be disenchanted, and every time you get new gear, your old gear turns into hundreds, if not thousands, of gold. Cycling out of my ToT gear, each piece is still reliably worth about 1800 gold.
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I can't make gold as efficiently as some people, any tips?

Level your proffs and sell what you farm.

Also it's usually much cheaper to buy raw gems and enchanting mats and then tip a crafter to make what you need then to buy them already cut/made.

I see 35 lvl 600 Enchanters and 29 lvl 600 Jewelcrafters in your guild, Varegast. Have you asked if any of them would be willing to make you gems and enchants for cheap or free? If you leveled your Mining, you could even provide raw gems and ore for the Jewelcrafters. Also, you can make some pretty good money if you roll Disenchant on the green/blues that drop in dungeons and raids, then sell the enchant mats on the AH.

I am also trying to get my dps out of the 50-60k gutter, and I think my rotation right now is my biggest issue (I know I have some tank gear on, I used to be Protection and haven't finished re-gearing yet). Has CLCRet been updated for MoP, or is it still designed specifically for lvl 85 toons? Thanks!

Also, would SkeenCore3 be an acceptable subsitute if CLCRet hasn't been updated?
CLCret is accurate for MoP, at least as of 5.3.
Ok thanks! The description still says lvl 85, that's why I asked.
Cycling out of my ToT gear, each piece is still reliably worth about 1800 gold.

Is that how much haunting spirits cost on your sever?
Spirit plus the sha crystal, yeah.
Damn... it's 600g for spirits and the crystal on mine.
Cycling out of my ToT gear, each piece is still reliably worth about 1800 gold.

Dang, looks like it's time to move back to Dalaran and make me some gold :)
Max your mining and start selling ghost iron, it will really gives you lots of gold...
Replace all your Str gems with Haste gems.

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