Weapons For T4


I've been planning my end-game transmog and think I'm going to go on a modified T4 set (can't give away the whole plan :P) and wanted to discuss people's opinions/suggestions for weapons.

For 2h I was picking between:
Hammer of the Naaru - because who doesn't like a giant purple hammer?
& Elementium Poleaxe - sweet purple scythe which is crafted, so I'll probably get this first and try farm the Naaru after.

Continuum Blade or Netherbane. Grinding the rep for a faction I don't really need other than the blade is gonna suck, but I might do it to have the purple blade before I get Netherbane.

Emperor's Shield initially, then Aldori Legacy Defender when possible.

Anyone have good cape suggestions? I'll probably use Lord's Cape initially but was hoping someone could suggest a more white+gold+purple combined one.
I'm a little bit biased, but Hammer of the Naaru looks dirty with T4 shoulders.
Yeah its def on the top of my list, I'll probably pick up the Elementium Poleaxe until I can secure it the Hammer.
Heavenly Breeze available with JP from the T11 vendor, should fit nicely, when I wore the justicar set I used that.

I don't think you're gonna find anyone to argue the hammer of the naaru, especially because of the BC cinematic.

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