Holy paladin, viability?

Hey! I deleted my paladin months ago...but made a ticket with blizz and got it back! :D. and now that I think about it..i kind of want to go holy, im just a little curious as to where they stand in 5.4 and what their main role would be

ooh...and how hard would it be to lvl 85-90 as holy keeping up 2 sets of gear sounds like a pain ;/
I might be wrong but their main role would be healing
and what their main role would be

I might be wrong but their main role would be healing



1) Level however you want. Timeless isle will net you 496 gear pretty quickly. So you can hit 90 day 1 and have a holy set (minus a weapon) and be viable for current LFR content in about 3 seconds on day 2. Not to mention you'll prolly get a few 535 pieces in the process of that anyway.

2) Holy, right now is that support healer everyone likes. You're there to allow the other healers do everything much better than you, which makes them feel better. Seriously, you're gonna use all your utility to great effect and keep the raid/tank stable while everyone else just racks up HPS numbers and talks about how disc is still OP.
I'm loving holy right now. I haven't had any problems out healing any class. With selfless healer I'm having my mastery up on everyone so much more than before. The whole 2 sets of gear thing isn't too bad. I've managed to get a 529 ret set while having a 548 holy set. Just gotta work on your offset when you have the time. But overall holy seems to be in a good place right now at least in 10man.
If you're going for pvp just roll a holy priest, hpal's are really not all that good right now when compared to Rdruids/Hpriests/rshams
Holy PvP is the !@#$ and my first love next to running around on my Warrior smashing people's faces in.

i love hpal healing as well, just outshined by a lot of other healers who'd rather pick up a priest over you lol

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