Masterwork Spiritguard vs Malevolent Shield

I'm new to tanking as a paladin, and I'm confused by the traditionally desired tanking stats such as parry, dodge vs what I have read recently in forums regarding pally tanks desiring dps stats such as haste, mastery and crit more than tanking stats.

I currently use a Masterwork Spiritguard Shield, but my alt blacksmith just learned to make Crafted Malevolent Gladiator's Shield Wall and I'm wondering if I should give up the dodge/parry from the spiritguard shield and go with the higher item level and dps stats on the gladiator's shieldwall.

Helpful advice appreciated.

*edit* corrected for the wrong item id of the shieldwall
As a prot paladin, you can build one of multiple different ways. You can read in-depth into it in the prot sticky, but the gist is that you can choose to go with the standard avoidance block/parry type build, or you can build for control focusing on either haste or mastery. What you choose depends really on what you like, and when you move up to regular raid content, what your group needs(sort of requires a regular group, likely a guild). For now, choose whichever way you want to build based on what you think suits you.
vs what I have read recently in forums regarding pally tanks desiring dps stats such as haste, mastery and crit more than tanking stats.
First of all, mastery is not a "dps stat", it is a universal stat and has been strong for prot paladins since its introduction to the game. Second, crit is still not a desired stat, the only thing it does for us is extra dps and a very very minor boost for Eternal Flame (it's still simming out for me as having virtually no value at all).

And on that note, dodge and parry were never really "desired" they were just the only other stats left for us aside from mastery/stam/defense (depending on which expansion you look at). They haven't really become any less desirable, we just got a bunch of other stats that actually are desirable now.

So it's really just haste that we're stepping outside of tradition for. Well and hit/expt, but blizz has been trying to sneak that onto tank gear forever but it never did anything for us before. And strength is noticeably worthwhile now (not as much as haste or mastery, but still typically better than avoidance).

That said, looking at those shields I would go with the pvp shield. Not so much because of the secondary stats (honestly, neither shield has good secondary stats) but more because the ilevel difference giving it more armor, stam and strength. though if you're going to spend justice points to boost the spiritguard shield up to 471 that gap shrinks considerably. But really which shield you use probably won't matter too much, as you'd want to replace either of them asap.
Thanks for the tips. One thing I haven't seen in online guides is where stamina stacking fits into the picture. Is it more or less important than Master, Haste, Parry, Dodge, etc.

The reason I ask is I am an inscriptionist, and to start building a rudimentary prot gear outfit I crafted a Crafted Malevolent Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity. Would I be better off replacing it with a Mastery trinket such as Bloodsoaked Chitin Fragment?
*edit* ps: I know the secondary ability of the master tricket sucks, just using it as an example trinket

*edit* woot, I got Resolve of Niuzao today on the timeless isle!!
Stamina has a It's value is greatly affected by how geared you are compared to the content you are doing, the less geared you are compared to what you're tanking the more valuable stam is, but as you start to catch up to the content its value drops somewhat. You'll find lots of people that will simply say that unless you're doing heroic progression you don't need any more than what's naturally on your gear, though that's a little narrow of a view. In general, you want to make sure you have "enough" stam so that you're comfortable and don't feel constantly in danger of going 'squish' and after that just use your best judgement.

Going by the stat weights that seem typical of Theck's SimC model stam is usually right around as valuable as haste (that is 1 point of stam vs 1 point of haste) when appropriately geared for the content, sometimes a little more valuable, sometimes a little less. This generally means that it's not worthwhile to gem for stam (since gems have more secondary stats than they give stam), but trinkets could be worth considering (since stam trinkets give more stam than haste trinkets give haste).

As to your specific comparison of those 2 blue trinkets, since they both have lousy secondary effects, I'd pick the stam one. The ilevel difference and the greater amount of stam vs the amount of mastery on the other trinket just makes it better (but again, both trinkets are pretty lousy, but you've obviously since filled that spot with the Resolve, which also isn't exactly great, but definitely better than those 2 blues).

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