Pvp help

Hello peeps,

After farming for a few days, finally got a pvp set.

Now, I have the 2 pve trinkets with haste proc and on use.

What I was wondering is if it is worth it to replace them with the 2 pvp trinkets, for the resil bonus. As I see it, I would be giving up 2500 str plus the haste benefits for 3000 pvp power.

If any pvp'er could direct me to the right solution, I would be grateful


Btw, I know i have terrible gems and enchants, that's courtesy of my empty server with its empty AH
Your trinkets aren't good at all, and pvp trinkets aren't just the pvp power and proc, they also have a set bonus of 2600 resilience... which is quite significant.

Also I believe there is a pvp-specific metagem on the honor vendor.
Ok, so basically, the pvp trinkets are worth it over the strength i get from my current ones.

Thanks, that's what I wanted to know :)
Its not so much that the pvp trinkets are 'better', as pvp power and resil are kinda low rated in stat priorities. It has more to do with blizzard also making pve trinkets have lower proc rates in pvp and I believe lower stats. I also believe they will be 'scaled down' to ilvl 496 in a pvp environment.

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