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This quarter has several issues that I don't even know how or where to start explaining them. Maybe it's the community this go around, I am not even sure.

I queued up for an LFR on Wednesday, the second quarter. I get in there, and it is a fresh group. Well, long story short, we were in there for 2 1/2 hours and just killed Iron Juggernaut, and most of our time was spent on Galakras.

We get to the Dark Shaman fight, and I disconnect after getting some kind of addon error. I come back to find that I have been removed. Lovely.

I queue back up this morning, and I luckily get to be right back where I left off, on the Dark Shaman fight. We spend literally 1 1/2 hours on this boss, and we had to 3 tank this. So we get to General Nazgrim, after a few wipes on the trash. We wipe at least 5 times on this boss, 2 of which were ninja pulls, and so I announce in raid chat, "Brb, Bio". Again, I come back, only to find that I have been kicked from the group.

Seriously? I queue up for this LFR again, trying to get General Nazgrim, but no, I get Galakras. I just left, because who knows how long it will take me to get back to General Nazgrim.

Now, the point of this was to point out that I, on several occasions, have ran across some issues with this LFR. From what I heard, it was not bad on Tuesday, but most of the groups have been terrible since then. Is it overtuned? Is it the community?

There was honestly no reason to kick me, I was doing average heals, I was normally 2nd or 3rd on the meters, so I guess taking a 2 minute break is now against some sort of LFR code?
it was not bad on Tuesday, but most of the groups have been terrible since then

This seems to be the trend.

Chill out till Tuesday. Or better yet, save yourself the headache and just stop doing LFR.

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