High latency (Server Lag) since 5.4 release

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Hi, I was just wondering if it was me or is anyone else been getting terrible latency since patch 5.4 has been released ? My ms has skyrocketed to over 1000 ms and the game is unplayable and it sucks that I just paid for a six month sub and for the past 2 weeks I have had terrible lag and for the past 2 days have just been doing nothing but troubleshooting, I think I've tried just about everything from flushing the DNS to turning off firewalls in my router. Contacting Comcast which provides my service just adds to the frustration because all they do is tell you to powercycle your modem and run a speedtest , Who the hell doesn't know to powercycle your modem first ? So anyone else having this issue ?

Edit: I am also getting long loads in the character login screen? wtf somethings got to give here
I also just started getting some crazy high lag, and it's not on my end either. It's usually high in the world MS, and what's more that it just started happening today and on all my other characters. I also tried contacting my internet provider and they basically said that there really isn't anything wrong. Mine just started today. I get latencies up to 4200 on the world side. I hope I'm not the only one that's experiencing this.
I'm experiencing this as well, admittedly I'm only on for a 7 day trial, but the fact remains that when I was playing earlier everything ran so smoothly on my computer. Now, I have random lag spikes that usually end up disconnecting me. There's no single action that causes it. It can be anywhere doing anything and suddenly it freezes up, latency shoots up to anywhere between 800ms and 4,000ms. It's making me feel really disinclined to reactivate if this is how it's going to be.
Yea it's been like this for about a week, but before that I would still get lag ,but usually only during peak hours then it was gone, now its all the time
My sister has been experiencing this issue as well. Oddly enough we are in the same house, on the same internet connection and I don't really have any problem...

Trying to get some answers for this as well because she's starting to get upset. She can barely play anymore because all she does is lag lag lag thru anything we do.

And when she and I group up her awful server lag shoots over to me as well - but then it disappears when we disband.

This really doesn't sound like it's from anyone's personal internet because from everything I've read about ppl having this issue since 5.4 - they all say their home ms is fine but their server ms usually starts around 1000 and goes up or down but never really goes back to a playable number.

Hope someone comes around and says something about this soon. It's not fun having to live with a disgruntled WoW player grumbling from the next room all the time.

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