Ret pally 90 talent

Just curious about general response to lvl 90 talent spec for ret in pvp. I use holy prism but have used all three options. Personally holy prism is what I've used most but I really enjoyed acting as thor throwing a hammer into the ground. What are everyone's general thoughts on most potent talent?
Well, Light's Hammer by far has the best animation. Otherwise, they're pretty situational.

Light's Hammer is the best for aoe (obviously).

Holy Prism is pretty meh in pve, you're better off picking one of the other two. It's pretty good in PvP though, what with its burst and such.

Execution Sentence is the best for single target, and since its buff in 5.4 it may be decent in PvP now. But I'm not totally sure about that right now.
What blue said, Execution sentence or Light's Hammer depending on single target or aoe.

Light's Hammer's 50% slow, as well as it's aoe healing imho makes it the best 90 talent in PVE for any spec of paladin. It's basically a kiting mechanism, raid healing cooldown, and aoe damage spell all in one.
09/28/2013 01:25 AMPosted by Rsimmons
Just curious about general response to lvl 90 talent spec for ret in pvp.

PvP? Go with Holy Prism. Its damage is impressive and it bounces back to heal you. Or you can use it on yourself to hit multiple nearby targets. The latter function unstealths rogues as well, if there's any in range when you use it on yourself.

ES and Light's Hammer aren't as good. With HP, you get versatility. Versatility is good. Spike damage is good too.

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