warrior 5.4 best spec for pvp?

Hi guys,

I want an answer from someone who has played warrior for a very long time, and experimented typically every spec/gemming/glyphs etc.

What is the best gemming for pvp to give maximum damage output? I'm currently likely stacking mastery and im loving it :) but is stacking crit better? or is there some sort of cap?

what about strength? is there a good use for it in pvp, or pvp power is better?

I'm a newbie sort of, and I like to experiment, but i really love to see very good damage output i can make in pvp.

Thanks for the replies
Arms for pvp all the way

gems go for strengh or crit (i´m trying crit right now and i´m loving it, but strengh makes the most out of bleeds, which deal really good damage this season) and forget pvp power, only use on green/purple gems (depending if you gor for crit or strengh) to get socket bonus, but using strengh/stamina or crit/stamina gems maybe a better choise since pvp power on the 3 blue slots, using hibryd gems, only gives you like 0.7% more damage to players.

reforge go crit then mastery then haste (after 3% cap on hit and expertice).

gliphs go death from above mandatory, the rest are situational (MS/blitz/enrage speed/bull rush are the most tipycal choises).

talents are what you want them to be, like crazy damage?? go bladestorm/bloodbath (or avatar, but blood bath works like a charm IMO), you like/need CC??? go stunbot (Shockwave/stormbolt), or maybe you like bit of both?? go BS/SB... or if you like the clasics, go avatar/shockwave.... your no longer need safeguard to get out of roots, so feel free to pick massreflect or vigilance.

warriors rock
Yayy I'm leveling arms.

So I get that Arms is best for level 90. What about lower level PvP?

On the way up (say around level 41) does it make more sense to level as prot? Due to the OP Shield Slam thingy that everyone complains about.

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