Best xmog looks for a cowladin?

About to hit 90 and that means it's almost time for my favorite thing: Soloing old raids for xmogs. But cows didn't get to be paladins until cata and so look goofy in many of the old sets. (I'm looking at you, Heroes' Redemption Battlegear). My heart says Crystalforge armor, but what do the Tauren Pallies of the forum think?
So far, some of my favorite looking gear is season 11 cataclysmic gear and the wrathful gear.

Season 10 gear also looks pretty cool on tauren paladins, oddly enough. Very fitting for a Sunwalker too.

As for a PvE set... I'd say the T9 Liadrin gear looks pretty cool on tauren paladin as well.
<--- Best set or the purple crystal set also nice, purple crystal forge is my main set looks so good.
I like mine, I'll have to show the helmet too....don't have it turned on atm...
I like this transmog i'm using atm. Best Paladin set made by far.
I am particularly fond of Judgment (original, not the purple recolor), because it is one of the few plate mogs that don't look terrible on tauren in my humble opinion.
Mine is by far my favourite for a Tauren.

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