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Hi everyone! I have a friend who has been a holy pally her entire game life (for lack of a better word) and she likes to heal. She doesn't want ret or prot, just holy (stuck in her ways she is). She has come a long way since I helped her learn to solo better, but she is having a hard time handling certain solo quests. I don't have experience as a high end pally, let alone holy. My question is, is there a certain dps rotation for killing mobs as a holy pally? She is stuck on the legendary quest with Wrathion that requires her to kill incoming monsters while he lights up platforms. (Possibly bad description, I haven't gotten there myself)

I had typed out a response but found this was more informative IMO
Hope that helps =)
Ah I didn't realize noxxic had forums. Never really looked. I will review this, tyvm!
That link is great! (Wish I had had it when I was leveling!)

If she were a healer in a situation where DPS is needed and didn't want to flop glyphs every time (i.e. healing a scenario) Judgement/Holy Shock/Denounce til HS CD is up has helped me feel a little more useful!
My tips on how to max DPS

1. Use Seal of Truth over Seal of Insight- why? this seal scales well with spell power and also applies its debuff with judgement.

2. Glyph of Denounce , Harsh Words, Holy Shock are your three gylphs

3. Take Selfless healer for insta free heals while using Judgement, this will also build holy power

4. Take Pursuit of Justice, since you will be allways judging , you will allways have holy power stored up , thus making you run fast.

5. Take Divine Purpose for free Harsh Words spam

5. Dps rotation should be Judgement ( this applies Censure and also gives your 1 holy power) > Holy Shock >either Harsh Words with 3 Holy power or Denounce, then back to Judgement.

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