Gear Upgrade Stats Question: DPS vs Damage

When I equip a new item I use the sidebar in the character interface (C on keyboard) to help me decide whether a piece of gear I have acquired is an improvement for me. I use DPS and Damage as my benchmarks with emphasis on DPS. It is sometimes confusing though. I don't know which stat I should be basing my gear upgrades on. The natural inclination is to eqip gear that is a big ilvl gain. However I find sometimes that gear effecting significant ilvl upgrades eg the boots Greaves of Sublime Superiority and ring Sorrowpath Signet I got last night are Damage increases but DPS losses. The loss correlates to the loss fo Haste on each item Both the boots and Ring are significant Strength upgrades but at the same time significant Haste losses. Reforging and VP upgrades are still DPS losses because the reforging does not compensate for the Haste lost on the items I'm replacing.

Haste is our big stat after strength. We swing faster the more haste we stack. The DPS stat in the character interface reflects the speed/frequency of our attacks. It seems entirely Haste reliant. But I'm wondering whether this stat should be taken as the final word on gear upgrades as I have been doing. I'm not sure I am so tight with my rotation that I can use it as guide. If I'm not maximizing the Haste benefits then maybe I should be using the Damage stat as my marker and equip these (and other) items I get regardless of DPS changes unless items are only a small ilvl or Damage upgrade.

Or maybe I shouldn't over think it and just slap these new items on and get on with it lol

Thx in advance
Using your char sheet "Damage" and "DPS" ratings are both awful ways to gear. Use your stat priorities instead, and if you really want to see if an item will result in a DPS increase or loss, you have to Sim your character using said items.
Character sheet damage is nothing but base weapon dps modified by AP, and character sheet dps is weapon damage modified by haste. No other stats are considered so they are almost meaningless.
... if you really want to see if an item will result in a DPS increase or loss, you have to Sim your character using said items.

I've seen mixed reviews of Sim. Do you really think it's last word?

Cayse, thanks for info re Character sheet damage.

I'm going to go to raid dummies, and Sim the gear, see what I can see

Thanks to you both
SimulationCraft is not necessarily an accurate representation of your potential; it can, however, provide you with data regarding upgrades to make a more informed decision.

And, to expand a bit on what Cayse said, you have to look at much more than two relatively trivial spots on the character sheet. The two flex items you linked are losses in both DPS and overall damage output because you're trading non-hit pieces for more hit, and you're already over-capped on hit. The completely wasted itemization is the problem factor, not the loss in haste.
ok back from Simming and hitting the Dummies

Using Skada on a 5 minute Dummy session for each configuration the Ring and Boots are a minor DPS loss

Sim has the ring and boots at a minor DPS gain

Both the raiding dummies and Sim are approximate tools. So is Skada for that matter. As far as I can see given the apparent lack of significant difference between the gear configs it really doesn't seem to matter which I equip. I suppose given the higher ilvl I should go with the boots ring

Anyway thx all for your help :)
2 issues with your "test", first of all a couple of 5 minute rounds against a dummy is hardly going to give you any useful information. First you're not fully buffed as you would be in an actual raid (or even lfr/flex) situation, second 5 minutes is just far far far too short to rule out rng impact on your results (this is why when using a tool like simulationcraft you typically have it do a 5 minute sim several thousand times to rule out as much rng as possible).

Lastly, is related to your comment that the difference in gear setups is "insignificant" and "doesn't seem to matter". This is both true and un-true at the same time. You're almost never going to see a significant difference in performance from replacing only 1 or 2 items. Just as you're not going to see much difference in performance from missing a few gems or enchants or having imperfect reforges, etc. Heck, you could probably remove a couple pieces of gear and leave the slots empty and not see a major difference in performance (how many healers/casters have only noticed after a raid boss that they had their fishing pole equipped?). None of these things individually will have much of an impact on your performance, but they all add up, little by little and together make big differences. That's the nature of min/maxing.

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