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I got Gauntlets of the Cursed Protector from LFR off of the Last Boss in 2nd wing Nazgrim. Once I went to Shrine of Two Moons and turn them into RF (ilvl 528) tier Vendor "Blizzix sparkshiv" he tells you that you don't have the req items (Essance of the Cursed Protector) <-- that's a ilvl of 566 Heroic.

So again why would the vendor ask you for Essance of the Cursed Protector (ilvl 566 Heroic) to get Gauntlets of the Cursed Protector from LFR (Ilvl 528 LFR) ?
Because you're talking to the wrong vendor about the wrong item.

There are four (4) different vendors - one (1) for each difficulty level (LFR, Flex, Normal, Heroic). At each vendor, the first five (5) are for a "generic" token which drops from Garrosh Hellscream to turn them into the corresponding piece. After those you'll find the actual armour pieces to turn in your tokens for.
This is the GM reply:

Hey there!

This is Game Master Xetherian. I fully understand your concern here! The item you've found in the vendor is actually the same token item as what you have here. It's the Raid Finder level of Gauntlets of the Cursed Protector which can be purchased using the Essence of the Cursed Protector. The Essence can be used to purchase multiple different tokens. It drops from Garrosh and is useful to help fill any missing items you have in your set.

That said, what you're probably looking for is the set with the name "Prehistoric". There is a tank glove and a DPS glove. They're called "Handguards of the Prehistoric Marauder" for tanking and "Gauntlets of the Prehistoric Marauder" for DPS. They're probably a bit further into the vendor list. You may have to adjust the filters in the upper right-hand corner of the vendor window and set it to Warrior only or All.

If you come across anything else that needs the attention of the Game Master department, please let us know!

Until then, I sincerely wish the best of luck in everything you do!

So you sad i'm trying to turn into the wrong vendor, I kn ow about the 4 different lvl vendors as you stated. so who does this token item get turn into. From what GM said I also need the Essence in order to turn that token in. Maybe I'm just very confused and don't get it lol
The essence is separate. As I said, it drops from Garrosh and can then be turned into one (1) of the five (5) armour tokens which then get turned into the armour pieces. Since you already have the armour token, you don't need to do the initial conversion and can go straight to the second step.

In other words, ignore the first give (5) items in the list. The following ten (10) are the ones you'll want to be mulling over since they're the actual gear.

The Garrosh piece is a "blank" token you can use to pick the actual token you want. It's something of a boon for killing him since it allows you to pick your piece if RNG is not being nice.
I've had the same problem. There is no second page of items from which to choose. I am not given the option of looking at "the following ten items". I even changed the drop down choice to "All" in the upper right side of the vendor page to see if I'd get another page of gear, but I did not. And I am at the LFR vendor. I reset my UI, I exited the game and logged back in, still no additional Gauntlets to exchange for my token.
First instinct in that case would be delete the two Cache folders (there's a second one under Data), followed by running the repair facility in the launcher. The caches will be automatically recreated when you play the game next.
For a hunter there probably isn't a second page because you only have 1 set of tier (ie all of your specs use the same tier set, as opposed to warriors who have 2 sets of tier, one for tanking and one for dps), so the only items on each vendor will be the 5 tokens and the 5 tier pieces, which if I'm remembering correctly would all fit on a single page.

So unless you're saying that the vendor only has the 5 tokens for sale and no items after them then there's no bug.
I thought the same earlier today.

Then re-read the whole page. Gear is below the token-for-essence stuff starting on page 1. Just the graphical displays look noticeably different - at least for me, the "robe" didn't look remotely like a robe or chest symbol, so it took me several minutes to locate it. The lower half of page 1 should have the token-for-item exchange instead of the essence one.
Shankari thank you. Your post was most helpful. I never even looked at the gloves on the bottom right because I was looking for the image/icon that matches the token. The graphics are completely different from what I was accustomed to seeing. The gloves my token bought are called "Gloves of the Unblinking Vigil" even though the token was for "Gauntlets of the Cursed Protector." TYVM.
Yeah - the gear is there but the setup is a bit confusing.
OK. Read all of the posts. I have 2 of the Gauntlet of the Cursed Protectors & still dont know where or who to turn them into for the gloves.
where do i turn in the shoulders of the cursed protector at? i cant find it, and all I am finding is the prehistoric vendors.
01/11/2014 04:44 PMPosted by Ajaxs
where do i turn in the shoulders of the cursed protector at?

not being able to find a vendor, is not a bug.

When in doubt, Wowhead.
Rakaya, I was having the same problem. There is another set of gloves that the vendor sells, Gloves of the Unblinking Vigil. They are on the bottom right of the merchant menu and do not have the same 'glove' icon that you are used to. Very confusing - best of luck.
i just tried to turn in my gauntlets of the cursed protector for gloves of the unblinking vigil and vendor (Clarise Chapman) says I do not have the required items. ???
Not my toon Romylyn tht did it. My hunter, Leewyn
nm ifound out what i was doing wrong

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