5.4 Holy Paladin PvE

Hello, i just recently leveled up an hpal for pve in patch 5.4 however im starting to see that im not doing that great of a job at healing :D. Ive seen alot of paladins spam holy radiance and im wondering why they never go oom when they do.

Can anyone give me a basic rundown on the spells i should be using?
The reason other pallies can spam HR is because of gear. You have a stam trinket where most geared pallies have a trinket that has a passive proc for mana regen. Keep working on your gear and you will see that you can spam heals a bit more.

Right now I would recommend you do the EF (Eternal Flame) blanket and tank heal for the most part. I'm assuming you are running LFRs right now. In LFR there are a lot of very geared people that just spam the raid for the meters and to inflate their epeens. Ignore these people and let them do there thing.

Just in case you haven't heard of EF blanketing I will explain it really fast. It was the go to healing set up for most of mist. Right now a lot of players are enjoying selfless healer. I wouldn't recommend selfless healer until you get some gear.

EF blanketing is where you put a 3 holy power EF on the tank. I usually put it on the under geared one or the main one that tanks in LFR. Then you try to get 1 holy power EFs on as many raiders as possible without letting your 3 holy power fall of your tank. All the ticks created by the 1 holy power EFs transfer to your beaconed tank. Now how you get the holy power is were you will have trouble until you get a bit more gear. Right now you should rely heavily on holy shock > EF > Holy radiance. Holy radiance is the same mana cost as Divine light. Pick a melee dps that doesn't seem to be fail and use him as the base for your Holy radiance. Also if there isn't a lot of damage then spam holy light on the tanks for your mastery bubble and just use holy shock for your EF blanket. This will save you a lot of mana.

The basic rotation for an EF blanket is:
Holy shock > Radiance > Holy Shock > Holy Radiance > EF on tank > EF on yourself > Holy shock > EF > Radiance > EF > Shock > EF > and so on...

Something else you should be doing is at 80% mana hit Divine Plea and then keep it on CD. Also make sure your Use trinket is always on CD. If you use a healing addon there is usually an option to auto activate them.

I would also change your glyphs. Get rid of flash of light until you get more gear for divinity and blessed life for beacon of light.

If you have any questions hit me up in game =) Dioxisis1989#1519
Thanks! Ill add you tommorow when i get online. Yeah that stam trinket is a replacement for the ilvl 429 green one i had :D.
I'm from Australia, so I am on the opposite time zone. I may not be on a lot when you are, but if you ever have a question that you would like my opinion on shoot me an in game mail and I will get back to you as fast as I can =)

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