xmog sets

what are some solid x mog sets that arent over used? im getting tired of mine, i originally went with judgement, but changed head/shoulders to symbolize that i was a part of the death of a powerful entity in warcraft lore lol.
Full tier 16, not many using it atm.
you're funny, but in all seriousness it is a sick set
It's hard to pick out a set because there's so much good looking plate. I've got different sets for ret, prot and pvp.
Just the head and shoulders? Lightweight, I bathed in Deathwing's blood on the regular (the heroic blood smelled like cinnamon bubble bath).

Anyhow, on to the actually relevant topic.

The three Burning Crusade Tiers (4/5/6) are all very nice, no dresses, and distinctive art styles.

I find T9 and T10 kind of blah, not to mention due to how easy they are to get a lot of people wear them.

T11 heroic is fantastic imo. The white look with the sapphirum shoulders looks really good.
Dreadnaughts imo is the best paladin trasnmog set.

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