Brutallus Meteor Slash Glitched?

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I have been solo'ing Sunwell for a while now and have had no issues at all with it until right now...
I have only died once from him because I forgot to switch my gloves out one day to take away my 2 set piece bonus that summons a wind serpent at your side that causes the "Meteor Slash" to jump to the closest target adding the stack.

Normally I just send my pet out and stand back and dps him down no issues. Today I continued to get a stack of "Meteor Slash" up to 8 when I was no where near my pet. I started to think hmm maybe I am just to close today. I died ran back in tried again and went even farther away and again kept getting the stack... Is any other hunters having this happen, has Blizz made it to where it now jumps no matter what, Or is it just me? O.o

Stand behind the boss. Meteor slash is a very large cone in front of the boss. When he was current, the damage needed to be split by the raid, and the raid also needed to be spread out, meaning that you'd have half of the raid extending 30 yards in a cone in front of him.
I will do that. Thank you. I must not have noticed that before that I was may have been standing in front of him. :)

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