Resto Shaman 5.4 BiS

Mainly looking for information on the healing trinkets that drop in SoO, any intel out there? Been searching for a bit.
Personally on paper it sounds like Thok's (Cleave) > Prismatic (% stats) > Nazgrim's (Multistrike) > Dysmorhpic (Huge spirit buff). AMR gives this same priorty for my rsham.

My reasoning behind this is:
Cleave is huge, it's clearly the best for throughput. Multistrike won't be that good because it only repeats the heal on the same target I believe (33%). This will cause a lot of overhealing, but it's still very good. The spirit buff is kind of lame because it'll be less useful at higher mana (top off too quickly and then taper off) but if you're having mana issues (not likely as a shaman) then it would be prioritized higher. % stats is just nice.

This is all my personal opinion and I've only gotten my hands on one of the trinkest though.
Probably HLG and then rotating other trinkets per fight. Not really a clear cut trinket from SoO imo.
I was in the mindset that the Prismatic was a lock. Felt just static throughput is just nice. I am going to assume the spirit proc doesn't affect MTT?

And I was feeling Cleave > Multistrike. I appreciate the input guys, was trying to find answers before ever bidding.
I like multi-strike because the majority of my heals are chain/healing rain/HST, just makes them hit harder
multi Strike is the worst trinket simply because 75%+ of it is over heal
Multistrike is thorough garbage. It would be ~1-2% of my healing vs 6-9% for the cleave trinket. Both do a lot of over healing though. Prismatic prism is fantastic ofc and also compliments a crit build nicely (better for 25m)
Any thoughts on Purified bindings of immerseus? I realize its a dps trinket and from my limited testing I dont think the proc works when youre specced resto, still the static stat increase seems a lot nicer then the previous tier healing trinkets. Would purified bindings and prismatic stack? That seems like a pretty nice setup if it did.
They DO stack, but I've only heard about disc priests going for it, and the int doesn't proc even for them so it's purely for the passive. Guess you can just look up the stat weights for your current setup and then work out if the % increase is worth the loss of the Int.
Might have been mistweavers instead of disc.
The immerseus trinket can proc off basic auto attacks while in a healing spec. So it's pretty good for MW and alright for pallies running selfless healer and are able to be in melee range of the boss or adds. It's decent at best for shaman and only when going for a high haste break point.

I used double amp trinkets during heroic thok progression because I didn't quite have the gear to reach 50% haste comfortably without giving up too many other stats. Honestly I probably would have been better off staying at 34% and using the cleave trinket since the raid is so stacked for pretty much the whole fight, but I was trying different things to see what worked best.

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Prismatic prism is fantastic ofc and also compliments a crit build nicely (better for 25m)

Two things wrong with this statement. The amp trinket doesn't increase your chance to crit, it only increases the amount each crit heals for. So it slightly increases the initial crit then increases AA proc, which only applies on direct heals. Also crit's strength isn't magnified by raid size. Only Ascendance, AG, and HTT scale with raid size. In 25s you can count on having more people in your HR, but if you are having trouble keeping at least 4 people in your rain on the majority of fights in 10s then you need to talk to your raid.
Immerseus procs off of melee swings, so its viable for Mistweavers. PS. Holy necro thread!
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Immerseus procs off of melee swings, so its viable for Mistweavers. PS. Holy necro thread!


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