Feral Proving Grounds Endless Guide

Finally got to 30+ wave! It's extremely challenging yet fun to do as a kitty, especially when I couldn't find any guide/tips online at all.

I'm just gonna share what I did, and hopefully it will help you.

15 - Wild Charge (Feline Swiftness might be better)
45 - Typhoon
60 - Force of Nature (Soul of the Forest maybe better)
75 - Mighty Bash
90 - Heart of the Wild

I changed to Wild Charge after realizing maybe it could reduce the DPS downtime for some waves. Feline Swiftness could still be better though.

SotF should work, but since there will be some downtime between waves, theoretically FoN should pull ahead (FoN will still be "charging" but SotF won't be). This depends on whether you're comfortable playing FoN though. Incarnation might work, but u'll need (at least I do) the minor burst from either SotF/FoN for certain waves, which is what Ferals really lack.

The real difficulty for Ferals in PG stems from not having enough time to get our DoTs up, nor do the mobs have enough health for us to effectively use our DoTs. DoC heavily relies on these to achieve its potential, thus HotW is much better here (esp for burst on Sha). I'm not sure about NV since I never really use it for Feral.

Glyph of Savagery
Glyph of Dash

Capacitive Primal Diamond does not work in PG. Get Agile Primal Diamond on another headpiece for PG instead
Apparently Rune isn't good for PG but I didn't keep other trinks :(

Like I said, mobs (except Shas and Mystics) won't have enough health to build up 5CP Rips, or for their damage to kick in. Instead of doing 5CP Rips, u'll have contend with 3/4 or even 2 CP rips. Thrash should not be used because of their low DPE as well, unless ur doing adds pack in wave 1/3/6. Even OoC procs should be used on Shred to build CPs.

U should not be doing the rotations u normally do in raids (or even heroics). Instead, apply just enough DoTs to kill the mobs. U may have to just leave ur 2/3 CPs unused sometimes. In short, use ur own judgement and move on to the next mob when u know ur current one is gonna die from ur DoT(s).

Eg. don't waste time building 5CP 200k Rips when the mob will already be down to 50k by then.

I'm pretty sure my strategy for a few of these waves aren't the optimum ones (esp wave 7 and 8), please suggest better ones to help me too :P

Wave 1s (easy)
- Start with Thrash (and Swipe if u like) on Varmint pack in middle
- DoT up Weavers 1 by 1 (just enough to kill them) while making use of Amber Globs
- Keep Thrash up on Varmint pack after Dotting

Wave 2s (easy)
- DoT up Mystic enough to kill him
- DoT up Guardians (Rake Weaver along the way)
- Finish Banshee then get back to finish Guardian and Weaver

Wave 3s (easy)
- Thrash up half side of the pack
- DoT up monkeys (u can use Mighty Bash to keep them in the middle)
- Thrash up both sides of the pack and Rake to finish remaining ones

Wave 4s (medium)
- DoT up Guardians (use Amber Globs on all except 1st one)
- Kill Banshee then finish up Guardians and Weaver

Wave 5s (medium)
- DoT up Mystic
- DoT up monkey
- Kill Banshee
- Burst on Sha with Berserk 3s before burn phase

Wave 6s (easy)
- Thrash on Varmint Pack
- DoT up Mystics (AoE Thrash along the way)

Wave 7s (hard)
- Stun and DoT up monkey (get in position early!)
- DoT up Guardians (and Weavers along the way)
- Use Amber Globs on the non-middle Guardians first (the debuff stacks!)
- Kill Banshee and quickly finish off remaining Weavers (and Guardian)

Wave 8s (hard)
- Rake 1 Slayer
- DoT up Mystic
- Rake up Slayers
- Kill Banshees while Raking up Slayers

Wave 9s (medium)
- Stun and DoT up monkey
- DoT up Slayers and Guardian with Amber Globs
- Rake Weaver
- Kill Banshee and finish off Weaver

Wave 10s (hard)
- Normal rotation (but do not use TF after ~7s into the fight)
- HotW and spam Wrath if Rake and Rip are already up
- 3 secs before burn phase: TF + Berserk, get rake and 5cp Rip up and do a 5cp FB
- Continue spamming Wrath until he's dead

If you do it right, you won't need the berserker buff for any of the waves (at least up to 20th wave). I use it on wave 8s and 10s because I find those particularly tight for me.

Note: By DoT up I don't mean just Rake each of the mobs. U can't afford to waste time running back and forth and u also can't waste all the CPs (u need some for SR and some Rips). Get Rip up if current mob is far away from other mob(s). If they're near each other, consider just keeping rake up instead.

Happy Proving ferals!
First I would like to say thank you very much for the guide. Normally I am a dedicated feral, belief in the spec makes me want to overcome all wow challenges in it. Proving grounds is giving me a sore tooth as feral. I have theorycrafted multiple builds to deal with the low health mobs and no matter how you slice it, it just sucks.
Would very much like to talk to you if your willing to add my battletag. lightheart#1426

A couple things I have been trying that differ from your own.

I run vortex and mass entanglement instead of typhoon and bash. The pack with the monkeys and vermin I can vortex 2 second before the wave spawns, target a monkey and thrash (try and target the other monkey so I can back tab between the two). Here I swipe off one of the monkeys to build cp, when the monkeys get drawn back into the vortex I mass entanglement. When the mass entanglement breaks I can tab between them and use treants to re-root them. Able to kill the whole pack without monkeys leaving center.

Thanks for the tip, been trying for awhile to get my proven title, this should help.
Excellent tips. Thank you very much. Still trying to perfect wave 9 >.<. Wish energy regen wasn't so low.
Just a few random thoughts of my own after doing getting 20 and 30 today in a few hours.

Waves 1-4 mostly no problem. Wave 5 I use Berserk on big guy. Wave 6 is easy (make sure you thrash at the start and you don't really need to worry about interrupting the second guy right away since he will heal one of those in the middle). Wave 7 can be a huge pain depending on the globs. Didn't really look up any strats on this and I didn't try to only use globs on the non-middle guys first (like the OP mentioned) but it sounds worthwhile and will try this out if I go back for rankings.

Wave 8 was my bane for the longest time. Until I started using HotW. Not right at the start, mind you, that's important. Get bleeds up: I would rake one on the side, then charge to the other end and rake that one, then to the middle for TF + full rip. Then I switch to HotW wrath spam. It takes 2-3 wraths to kill the banshees and any time when they aren't up try to kill the healer first and then clean up. Make sure you are watching for the heal, sometimes I would kill it before a second heal went, sometimes not. So much easier when you don't need to worry about CPs/energy for things to die quickly. But I went from struggling on it while using berserking buff to always finishing the wave with 10-15 seconds remaining without the buff.

Once I got passed wave 8 consistently it was just fine tuning for me. I actually saved the berserking buffs for waves 9-10, unless I screwed up early I would use a berserking buff before that and save the second for 10.

I personally prefer treants, YMMV. I didn't really reforge or go for anything optimal, so the treant rake with RoR was decent burst at times.

Didn't even think about vortex/mass entanglement for the big aoe, seems smart, but I never really had any trouble with that so I never fine tuned that wave.

Try to be careful with your dots. At a certain point you'll get a feel for how much damage your bleeds will do and you can optimize your time spent at certain mobs. Also, don't waste globs on adds you get OoC procs on for a full rip if you can. Try to move on to the next. Just little things and practice. NP.

Sorry, these were probably a bunch of rambling sentences.
Thanks for all the tips. Just got this for my feral offspec. Video of waves 20-33 here. http://www.twitch.tv/malvesti/c/5045409 Plenty of mistakes even so, with lots of room for improvement, not that I'll be going back before WOD...

Here's some tips I found, in case they help anyone
- I used DMC card and the JP trinket upgraded. I triggered this at the start of each wave, except 5 (saved for burn phase), 6 (still on CD), and 10 (saved for burn phase).
- I tried a lot of different talent builds, but ended up winning with FS, Mass Entanglement, SOTF, Vortex, and HOTW.
- Specifically, I didn't like FON and DOC because they ended up taking too much attention to manage.
- Waves 17, 18, 27, 28 gave me the most trouble. As the video shows, I ended up using HOTW (with a caster weapon swap) for 8, which worked pretty well.
- For 17 and 27, the only reliable way I found to handle it was to just run around and apply rake to everything.
- I used the Bers buffs for waves 9 and 10.
- Using TF just before Bers CD is amazing for waves 5 and 10.
This guide is sick! Thank you very much.

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