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▓▒░We want you for 10 mans!░▒▓

Though we are a relatively new guild, the members of <Bad Karma> (PVE – Aerie Peak PST) are no strangers to each other. Our raiding core has been together though most of Wrath, plowing our way to 11/12 HMs in ICC 10/25 and getting our drakes.

We're a “High end progression with a casual time-slot” guild. We only raid two days a week (a third if we're close to pushing progression) putting in approximately 8-12 hours a week and still keep up with our Hard core brothers.

We have a GM, but the guild leadership shares all responsibility, no one officer is above the other. While we try to be flexible with policies, there are some that remain firm:

We have a no tolerance policy for Drama. While we may settle things on a case-by-case basis we are adamant in our stance that if a player is causing issues that affect either the guild as a whole, the progression team(s) or other players, a guild-kick will swiftly follow. Any member is always welcome to approach a member in a leadership position if they have any concerns or issues, and the best efforts will be made to ensure Bad Karma is a great gaming and social environment for everyone.

While guild and raid chat may manifest itself in various ways, members are expected to conduct themselves in an acceptable fashion when interacting outside of the guild. Having our guild tag means you represent us to the community at large. We are all here to enjoy this game, so be courteous to fellow players and treat them as you would have them treat you. We encourage everyone to make use of the forums, guild and official, as a source of communication and participate in the various topics.

In a raid, only the Raid Leader and/or Master Looter should be looting any bosses. Loot is then distributed with the EPGP system. We ask that you keep vent chatter to a minimum, only the Raid Leader and those with important roles (ie. Tanks or healers coordinating CDs) should be talking in vent during boss fights.

------------ Basic Requirements ------------

Access to Ventrilo and able to understand and speak English.
Mature-aged applicants only.
A computer able to run World of Warcraft well and a stable connection to the intrawebs.
80% or higher raid attendance.
If the need arose, be able to respec/gem/glyph your class to fit the raid needs.
Knowledge to play, gem, and spec(s) your class well.
Knowledge of encounters before you get to them.
Flasks and elixirs are required. (Fish feasts are provided)

Our raid times are as follows:
Tuesday – 6:00 -9:30p Server
Thursday – 6:00-9:30p Server
Sunday – 6:00-9:30p Server (only if we're pushing progression)

We are currently accepting applications for:

Shaman – Resto (High) DPS (Med)
Priest – Holy/Disc (High) Shadow (Med)
Rogue – (Med)
Hunter – (High)
Paladin – Ret (Med) Holy (High)
Death Knight – Tank or DPS(Med)
Tanks of any class for a second 10 man.

If you feel you are an exceptional player of your class and it's not listed here, please feel free to apply as well.
Though re-rolls and Casuals are welcome, Raiders will be given top priority on raiding positions. Although, you may petition for Raider at a later date if you wish.

For more information regarding our polices, please visit www.BadKarmaAP.Guildlaunch.com. All potential applicants must read our policies and fill out an application to be considered.

We're open to talking to you on vent or in game if you have any more questions! Whisper Januàry (alt 0224), Zedidiah, Vyrcee, or Kyrjá (alt 0225) to talk to us! Don't worry, we don't bite!

We are an Equal Opportunity Guild ®

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