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To what degree Deathwing and the Old Gods work together ?

-Is Deathwing a sort of weapon used by the Old Gods to put into disarray the mortals while they work for being released ?

-Is Deathwing using the followers of the Old Gods to return to full power ?

-Is Deathwing having the same goals than the Old Gods ?
Yes? I wouldn't say it's to put them into disarray, however, it's probably more like to murder and destroy as much of the world as possible; as well as to help bring the elemental planes back into the mortal realm - since the old gods used the elemental lords as their pawns as well during the time before they were imprisoned.

I'm pretty sure Deathwing is perhaps as powerful as he's ever been; except for maybe when he had the Dragon/Demon Soul, but we've probably only seen part of his true power at the moment, or he is constantly gaining power. Though even when he had the Dragon Soul he was still defeated, but it has been hinted at that to defeat him this time the Aspects will actually have to fulfill the purpose they were created for, in what may be their greatest hour, as well as their darkest moment. Which would seem to suggest he is perhaps even more powerful now.

Deathwing has the same goals as the old gods. In essence, anyway. The difference is that the Old Gods just want everything destroyed, and we don't know why (other than it may help them be free, but they also wanted this back before they were imprisoned as well). Deathwing, however, probably wants everything destroyed because he's insane, angry, and wants revenge upon those that imprisoned him/took his power from him. And also just because he probably wants to 'rule everything'; since that was kind of why he went crazy in the first place. The old gods offered him power, more power than he could ever dream of, and his imagination ran away with that thought, leading him to dream of a world where all the other dragon flights were wiped out and he and his flight would rule the world whatever way they saw fit.

So, again, yes and no. Yes because they both want to see the world destroyed, no because the old gods really probably DO want the whole world destroyed to the point of not existing anymore, where Deathwing probably still would like to have a world where it is all but destroyed, but he and his flight can still live.
Back at Blizzcon 09, I think it was said Deathwing was empowered by and working for the old gods.

At blizzcon 10, Metzen says that N'zoth "writes deathwing's checks". It's obvious Deathwing is working for the OGs directly, and that he was given the Hammer cult by the old gods.
He openly admits to serving the Old Gods and refers to them as his Masters. He truly believes his purpose is to bring about Their apocalypse.

Well, Deathwing's been listening to the Old God's whispers since at least the War of the Ancients, if not sooner than that. I'm curious, based on what Metzen said at Blizzcon, whether Deathy is a willing servant, or whether he's simply lost in his madness and unable to resist the urges of the Old Gods.
Deathwing is also responsible in part for the Twilight Dragonflight. IIRC, though Deathwing is insane, I think that the Old Gods' bidding is only the reason that he's insane to begin with. There is also the possibility that Deathwing may just be more cunning than it may actually come across, and is only seeming to serve the Old Gods as an ends to justify his means. It is also possible that the Twilight Dragonflight may be the Old Gods' way of getting back at the Titans, since they replaced the Elemental Lords with the Dragonflights - in specific, Therazane with Neltharion.

All in all, I don't think Deathwing is a servant of the Old Gods in entirety. I do believe that he's somewhat under the sway of them, but as we saw in Ulduar, just because that is the case, does not mean that it's not able to be broken, either. As for what Deathwing's ultimate motives are, I could not say.
If Day of the Dragon was anything to go by, he wants to rule the world with the power of the Black Dragonflight, all while he spends the rest of eternity having giggity-giggity with Alexstrasza and Ysera.

Just like any like-minded evil overlord.
Anyone want to see Deathwing Betray the old gods at the last second and take their power for himself? Hes pretty smart, and that would be a big plot twist to see Deathwing kill some old gods and become somthing more.Much much more
Anyone want to see Deathwing Betray the old gods at the last second and take their power for himself? Hes pretty smart, and that would be a big plot twist to see Deathwing kill some old gods and become somthing more.Much much more

I don't think you *can* betray the Old Gods. Once they invade your mind, that's it. In order to regain freedom, you need some sort of intercession.

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