2 issues.....discon and teleporting

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Ive been having 2 issues constantly and cant find anything yet in the forums.......if its been covered please point me in the right direction :)

1. I seem to disconnect a lot if I tab out of fullscreen mode to do other stuffs. Most often this occurs when I am in flight/landed.....could be coincidence that this is when I often tab out to do some other stuff whilst waiting for the flight to finish.

2. I keep getting the message "you cant do that when you are dead" or something to that effect when I try to teleport out of a dungeon. Only way I can get out is to hearthstone.

Any ideas? been talked about previously?

Thanks :)
I've not seen anything on your second issue, but the first may be resolved by either unchecking or increasing the value of Max Background FPS under your video options. There are a few posts regarding this issue, I'll see if I can find them for you.
Thanks....have unchecked it and will see how I go :)

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