Your goals before Cata. What are you up to?

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I've realized that the actual goals I have for my Hunter are unobtainable, so I just don't care anymore.
You only get 310 flight for free if you got one of the 310 mounts before the patch went live, or if you get a Gladiator mount or Violet Protodrake.
Muck around on my alts until I have something relatively meaningful to do on my main. =P
If you want them because they're cool mounts, go for it. Just don't go in expecting to not have to pay 4-5k for 310 flight. =P
Gathering mining and herb nodes gives xp now, you your gatherer might actually level a bit faster.
Log in once a week to farm Invincible/Mim's head, curse this boring game and how boring ICC has become. Log off. Also grinding BC dungeon reps because I'm that bored.
I'm making sure that I have as many of the classic acievements done as possible. I'm also making sure that all my professions are up to 450 (never bothered with cooking or fishing) and I'm gonna work on hitting the Justice Point cap as well.

Oh, and I'm bound and determined to get my NES from HFoS out of mere principal. I've lost it 24 times now.
Well, i'm very new to WOW. I used to play an old, defunct game very similar, though with not even close to the same scale of people playing. My free 10 days and the free month that came with the game are about to end. At this point i still have quite a few goals... as you can see my main is only 48. I kindof stalled because i noticed that my friend that convinced me to play kept having money isssues, esp with his flying mount, so i looked around online and was introduced to the idea that i could make money on the auction house. So, i have my alt working the ah for money. at this point i dont forsee ever having money issues, so i'd like to get myself up through som eof the content of burning crusade and possibly even to the point of having to go get lich king. mainly id just like to make sure i see some of the content that's dissapearing before it does

<3's it
<3's it
<3's it
Working on getting the ZG mounts and the raven lord. I should probably get the last 2 argent tournament mounts as well, but I am so bored of those dailies.
Working on getting 250k Honorable Kills
As odd as this might sound, I'm trying to finally finish ICC. I work a third shift job so time can be a constraint for me- my main raiding is a weekend only thing.

I'm hoping to have it either this weekend or the next. For me, it isn't about the title or the OMGZ GEARZ- it's about completing the raid.
Getting to 80! And then getting a spirit beast. I'm hoping that everyone will be distracted come December 7th and will leave some of the more popular camping spots free for noobs like me.
I've never been big on goals. I guess I wouldn't mind replacing any furious/relentless PvP gear with the wrathful equivalent, but with Cata out in under a month I'm really not that fussed whether I do it or not.

Never been a big PvE guy so have no PvE goals. Achievements... ehhh.

I may try level one of my "not far from cap" alts /shrug

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