Bloodsail Rep and Insane

I was wondering, I have Bloodsail Buccaneers up to max honored, will this "tick" my Bloodsail requirement for Insane in the Membrane achievement, and count? Meaning I can do the silk cloth turn in, and have them hated, while I get the other 4 factions up to exalted, and it will all count?

Nope, need to keep it up the whole time.
I've seen people that suggest that it is possible to drop your Bloodsail in the process of grinding up the Goblins, but it is clearly obvious that the intention was for you to have Bloodsail AND Goblin reputations at the same time. With all of the changes they are making lately, I wouldn't want to be you if you decided to drop your Bloodsail only to discover they'd fixed it to work properly and now you get to completely redo both reputations.
You do not need to have both blood sail and goblin rep at the same time, once you get blood sail to honored it ticks off that requirement for insane, it has always been this way, its the same as Hero of Shattrath.

You can check your progress with this macro.

/run AddTrackedAchievement(2336)
Nope, need to keep it up the whole time.

Wrong --

-That's only relevant if you met those requirements previous to v3.1

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