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So I have had this lock on the shelf for a long, long time and am finally thinking about firing him up and making the journey to 80 before Cata comes out. I have little or no idea as to the state of locks at this time and little or no idea how to spec for leveling to 80.

I have always like demonology and affliction but have never done much destro wise.

Any help with specs and leveling techniques to help me make it to 80 ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
At your current level, I'd take aff and demo as your two specs, aff mostly grinds normal mobs that are spaced apart by throwing Curse of Exhaustion > Bane of Agony > Corruption on each one and kiting them to death. There's virtually no limit to the number of mobs you can do this with. Use Glyph of Lash of Pain and the Succubus.

Demo will be what you use for elites and tightly packed groups of mobs. For elites, macro /petattack to Hand of Gul'Dan, Felstorm to your soulburn/soul fire macro, and axe toss to Immolate, and cast the three of them in that order, before throwing Corruption up and spamming Shadow Bolt.

For normal mobs that are in tightly packed groups, round them up while mounted, then hop off and use hellfire and Felstorm at the same time. During Felstorm, they should stick to Felguard, but will start chasing you after, and you can run with Hellfire channeling and they'll die in a nice line at that point. Loot, life tap up, and Soul Harvest to full. Once you get Shadowflame at 76, glyph it, and use it at the beginning of pulls and many mobs won't ever reach you, whether Felstorm is up or not.
So after reading many posts it looks like I should go Demo for the combination of leet leveling and good PVP survivability as I might level some through BGs???
Psst, dual spec is 100g now. Take both Aff and Demo.

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