I suspect NE Moonkin is already done

I suspect that the night elf moonkin graphic updates may already be done, but just not yet in beta:

At blizzcon, at one of the booths they were showing off new action figures for wow.
One of them was a big night elf moonkin, and it looked the same as the current in-game form, but with much sharper details.

When the action figure for Garrosh was made, the new in-game model was used for reference.
Now with the moonkin hatchling preview, we can see that the night elf hatchling is very similar in terms of style to the original moonkin.

I believe that the night elf moonkin graphics were updated sometime ago, and that they are waiting on the moonkin for the other races to be completed, along with perhaps some kind of barbershop color options.

just my 2 cents =)
Interesting post, Only hope that you're right :)
You and me both! =D
I was hoping the hatchling would be a mini-preview of the updated form. It's still adorable though.
That would be great if it's true! I'm eager to see a more refined Moonkin form.

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