Anyone else leveling as holy ?

I am currently leveling at holy because holy shock is fun and it seems like healing dungeons as a paladin is really easy not to mention I am actually solo'ing some dungeons that are my level on my own already.. I may try ret once I hit lvl 29 so I can play around with divine storm.

Whats everyones thoughts, what did you as a paladin level up as or currently leveling as?
I am bored at work so just want some fellow paladins to talk with while I am being bored. lol anyways...
Holy is amazing for leveling. I dual spec two different holy specs. One for healing with beacon and other key healing talents, one for soloing with Denounce,Blazing light and other key talents for damage with Exorcism and Holy Shock.

Opening up with two Exorcism hits followed by a Holy Shock usually downs mobs at my level. Also, I'm able to solo almost every group quest with the exception of a few 5 man ones.

This character was around level 60 when the big patch came out, so I can't speak for effectiveness of Holy spec at lower levels versus Retribution, but I definitely think Holy is better in the 60's for leveling than Retribution.
i actually leveled as a prot pally and my duel is holy and after this last patch i am less confident with holy but in time i hope i get more confident but then again even though i am not a noob i sure feel like it sometimes yippie kai yay
No, but it sounds way more fun than it used to be. I leveled as prot. The AoE grinding was amazing.

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