Help an Oldschool mage out...

Without going on too long, I took a break. I quit about... just maybe a few weeks after Ruby Sanctum came out. I checked back now and again to see what's changing for Cata, but I was still kind of iffy about getting it.

Broke down the other day and bought a timecard... I've played for years with the "old" system, back when they had a split between spellpower and healing power... i'm interested to see what's changed. I will find out on my own, and look forward to doing so, so don't spoil too much.

My question here is this... Is playing a mage that different than before? From a little light research, I apparently get the drift that Arcane is still good, but way different... frost gives the least choices in terms of talent selection, and fire looks like it's the best talent tree ever made.

Is it harder? Better? Worse? Funner?

Just trying to get a drift from the mage community where things are at now. I've had my card activated for 6 days, the 4.0 patch just finished this morning... I started it 2am friday morning. Yeah. ANYWAY thanks.

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