what's the ground version of [flyable]?

UI and Macro
#showtooltip [flyable] Headless Horseman's Mount; [outdoors] Headless Horseman's Mount;Enchanted Broom
/cast [flyable]Headless Horseman's Mount; [outdoors]Headless Horseman's Mount;Enchanted Broom

is my current mount macro, it summons my mount if I'm outdoors, which doesn't always correspond with areas where I can summon my mount.

Is there a flag like flyable but for mountable or rideable?
I tried mountable, ridable, and rideable, but to no avail.
It's simply [noflyable] , well, rather...

To summon a flying mount when possible, else a ground mount when possible, use this:

/cast [flyable] Flying Mount
/cast [noflyable] Ground Mount

I believe that

/cast [flyable] Flying Mount; [noflyable] Ground Mount

may work as well.

Look closer to the macro I posted. it summons my minipet when I can't summon a mount. does noflyable fail to work when mounts are disallowed?
Yes, it fails when mounts are not allowed, or at least the summoning of a mount fails whether the conditional passes or not.

EDIT: Here's a list of the conditionals available to macros...it might be out of date if anything has been added in the last path or two.
[Flyable] is a regional check to make sure you are permitted to fly. For example, it is false in the city of Dalaran, but it is true at Krassus' Landing.

For using your companion when not in a mountable area, you can use either [indoors] or [nooutdoors] interchangably. Since your indicated mount works both flying and ground, you don't need to distinguish between the two:
/cast [outdoors] Headless Horseman's Mount
/cast [indoors] Enchanted Broom

or more efficiently
/cast [outdoors] Headless Horseman's Mount; Enchanted Broom

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