DI gone... anyone know why?

Gods dammit, when are they gonna bring back the Bubble-Hearth?!


But ... but ... there was that Blue post some time before 4.0.1 landed, where they said they were thinking about adding a Minor Glyph that would reduce the casting time of Hearthstone by 4 seconds while Divine Shield was active!

They haven't posted another Blue post saying they were just kidding, have they? :-O
I just think no one used them very much and when they were used it was improperly half the time.

No, I can assure you people used it, a lot. Probably to the point of abuse. I know for a fact that I used it when a raid went bad and we we were going wipe it, I would DI the other tank so we could get things moving faster, but also because another paladin would DI a healer. I'd also do it to avoid paying repairs when we really screwed up.
I miss randomly inviting people to a group, then DIing them in the middle of a city. Just to watch them go "Uh.. wtf just happend?"

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