So I haven't played in about 3 months and looking over the new talent changes and spells got me wondering. What do i even use scorch for any more?
u get a talet now called firestarter i believe that lets you cast Scorch on the move and costs no mana.

Oh and the 5% spelldamage debuff.
As Coolrunnings said, you can cast scorch on the run.

Also, the talent Critical Mass is basically what Imp Scorch used to be (5% extra crit from all spells on target). It can be applied by either scorch or pyroblast.

Basically, you can open a fight with Living Bomb then Scorch for the debuff. If you need to be moving, you're casting scorch. If, for some terrible streak of luck you get no hot streak procs, you can scorch to keep critical mass up.

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