[Bug] Entrance to Deeprun Tram is "outdoors"

Bug Report
edit: Ghost Wolf may not apply here like I thought it did. It hasn't been tested.

The entrance tunnel to the Deeprun Tram is flagged as being outdoors, meaning abilities that cannot be used indoors can be used there.
The problem is that despite the area being flagged as outdoors, using Travel Form, Ghost Wolf, or trying to mount results in an error message. So how do I know the area is flagged as outdoors? The icons on the action bar are dim when indoors. If you step into the entrance tunnel, it un-dims. This is an indication to the player that the ability is now usable, but when the player tries to use it, it turns out to not be usable.
The problem I think stems from an older version of WoW where you could actually mount in the tunnel but would be dismounted upon entering the main station. For whatever reason, it was decided to prohibit mounts/travel/ghost wolf in the tram without marking the area as indoors.
The solution seems to be to simply mark the entire deeprun tram instance as indoors. Because it's an instance and because it's small, you won't have to worry about accidentally marking an areas as indoors that should not have been.
Here's a list of abilities that are affected by being indoors
As you can see, the only only abilities that would be affected are obscure and virtually useless within the Deeprun Tram.
Finally, making the entire instance indoors would remove the inconsistency of seeing an ability that appears usable, but is not. Because the Tram is a relatively low level area in terms of when you will first go there, it's important not to confuse new players by showing them a UI they think means one thing but actually does not.
Ghost Wolf

Err, what? Ghost Wolf can be used indoors - so this should have no effect on it. Did you test this?

(That doesn't really change your bug report, tho :-) )
Oops, been so long since I played my shaman I didn't realize it could be used indoors, so no, I haven't tested it.

My shaman is a horde lowbie though, so I really don't feel like running to the Deeprun Tram just to test whether or not I can cast Ghost Wolf there hehe.

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