Lor'Themar's new voice actor.

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I really hope he doesnt sing the pokemon song in live.

^ Me too :-| I'll enjoy a good joke as much as the next gal, but the devs are really pushing it.

The pokemon song was Totalbiscuit, guys. That's not Lor'themar singing the pokemon theme. :P

...Oh. Good. (Side note, I have to stop looking at vids when I'm sleep-deprived, the guy totally had me fooled there >_>)
This is what happens when we use meme to much >_> Isn't there some chacter that says death is only a set back?

There is, one of the Blood Princes in ICC says that.
Admittedly, Sylvanas' old voice was badass incarnate. It would've been hard to match by any voice actor's standard, but you'd think a huge company like Blizz would put more effort into finding a voice to come close instead of going 'meh, we'll just get some random who sounds nothing like her.'

Out of the many things uber-nerds like us appreciate, one of the biggest is when the developers maintain continuity (or at least quality) with their voice acting.

I know what you mean.

Unfortunately, we didn't get that for Sylvanas... or Arthas... or Kel'Thuzad... or Anub'arak...
Better than XT... well less annoying anyway. Though this fills me with a little hope, after Sylvanas got the new VA she became a lot more involved in the WoW story. Though my pessimism is keeping me from really believing that. It probably is too much to have something like a Horde leaders summit where Lor'Themar shows up and says or does something...
Dave Mallow has a great voice. But the hair comment was not neccesary, Blizzard. I'm still hoping they remove it before it goes live.

QFT. The "metro" bit of Blood Elves is beating a dead horse at this point. It also devalues Lor'Themar as a whole, and it's kind of irritating that they'd go that far.

i see no tassels on that sword. NONE.

and i don't mind the hair line nearly as much as the !!%%ty voice acting. my god it's like they went to where 4kids holds their auditions and took the guy who was rejected the fastest.

edit: oh wait i see the tassels now. only they aren't tassels, they look more like the necklaces that nelf druids wear. and they're on the original sword model so no he didn't add them tyvm.

It's not the voice that's the problem, it's the way he's saying the lines. They don't sound like they're being said at a natural pace.

I made this thread before. And this was my problem. The content I'm ok with. The intonation is unnatural and fail.

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