blizzcon ppv codes are out

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
just a heads up for my fellow oceanic players who ordered blizzcon ppv from direct tv, i received my deathy code email about 15 min ago (and a few people on my realm who check after i said in trade also) so might be worth checking ya email account and possiblely junk email box (though mine wasn't in there ya never know)
WOOO, can't wait to get home from work and summon deathy :D
thanks for the heads up. can't wait to see my murloc helping me own some bosses.
Thanks mate for this news!
I've been waiting impatiently for my Deathy!
Can you tell me who the email was from for your deathy? I have been patiently waiting but still nothing. I was hoping to maybe do a more specific mail search. I have also been checking two emails the one linked to my battlenet account and the one I used when I signed up for the ppv. Still nothing :(

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