[BUG] One DC in a BG means deserter?

Bug Report
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This has happened to me repeatedly ever since the new patch, I've been disconected in a BG and logged back on with a deserter debuff. I took less than 20 seconds to log back onto my character but still I get a deserter debuff.
It is very frustrating, and has not been acknowledged or commented on in any fashion.

At this point we do not know whether this is an intended change or not.

All we know is that 4.0.1 introduced a lot of connectivity problems for customers, and as if the disconnects were not bad enough, they are being doubly punished with these premature deserter debuffs.

It's extraordinarily frustrating for victims - I am not one myself but several of my guild members are.
I also would like a blue to address this matter. It's very irritating getting deserter from a d/c or critical error.
As frustrating as this is, it isn't really a bug. I've had it happen to me and some friends as well while doing battlegrounds, and while it's a pain right now, it's just amplified by the current instability and such due to Patch 4.0.1, but the reason they apply all these system changes prior to the expansion's launch is so that when it matters more, we aren't suffering these issues.

So while it may be frustrating now, know that bearing with it now means it should be sorted by Cataclysm.
Is this a bug or intended? I received the debuff also just from disconnecting or logging out during a battleground game.
I think it is fair for us to at least know whether it is a bug or intended.

Can we start from there Blizzard?
Just got done talking to a GM in-game and I was told it was indeed a bug. The GM said they would put in a bug report internally also so they would look into it. The Deserter Debuff should still only be applying as before (when reported or when inactive for a period of time).
This is something else I find strange.

The GM's apparently have access to a pretty thorough "known issues" list. Why can't we have that list posted, instead of the half-list presented in the forums? It seems like it would only serve to benefit both parties to have an accurate list presented to the public.
Just got DC'd out of a WSG that had ended, and I got the deserter debuff....Wtf.

We ended the 25 minute game, and as soon as it said "Time has expired!" I DC'd, came back with the debuff.
I've had it happen to me twice.

In Teamspeak I've heard at least 5 others mention the issue.

Most of the time it's when they DC, they come back and they have deserter.

We even had Boston, our FC come back in next game and he still had deserter so something isn't quite right hehe.
Dc'ed in IoC

Deserter bug, just as we were about to win

So blizzard, how about that bug fix?
i agree it is happening to me more often than I would like. Having to wait for a Deserter debuff for no reason of my own is really getting annoying. THIS NEEDS TO BE ADRESSED.
I would like to know whether it is intentional or a bug that being disconnected from a battleground results in IMMEDIATE deserter debuff.

Is zero grace period intended, or a bug?
I was having the same problem, but yesterday I dc'ed and came back in the BG, no deserter.

pretty random stuff
The same thing happens to me. Also whenever I go from Dalaran to a different zone, say Stormwind, it resets the 15 minutes.
Gonna go ahead and bump this back to the top. Last night a buddy of mine and I were simultaneously disconnected while doing warsong gulch. We both had the debuff when we logged back in. After standing around dal for a while the event started in org/tb, so we went. Naturally we got a fresh deserter when we arrived. When it finally wore off and we were able to que again, we were both simultaneously disconnected again about a minute into the battleground, and when we logged back in, you bet, fresh deserter.

He and I play on different computers, in different parts of the world, etc. It's hard to think this is any kind of my fault. Sometimes it works like it's supposed to, but over the past week I'd say odds of completing the bg vs getting thrown out and debuffed is about 50/50.

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