[BUG] One DC in a BG means deserter?

Bug Report
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That's a shame, cause it still takes more than 3 minutes to get in thanks to the server login and character screen. :/

I guess for me tho..does anyone get in before it drops that? (with authenticator)
I don't know how many of you sit in view of your cable modem but I do. This game while in BG kills the connection to my ISP. What im saying is when I get diconnected the lights go back to send then to recieve then to online then to active. Now get this! I can go on google msn yahoo whatever and surf with no problem but if I go to log in the game again the modem starts over until the game kicks me out of the BG server with the deserter. To me this is a BIG RED FLAG. I would just like to know PERIOD what part of a games SOFTWARE has enuff power to kill the connection between me and my ISP. The simple fact that it can whether it's suppose to or not is a huge threat to me and is probably one of the reasons we have not heard anything on this problem from a BLUE.

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