[BUG] Dispersion - no impairment immunity

Bug Report
Dispersion is not providing immunity to movement and snare effects while active, as stated in the spell description. It seems to clear the effects on activation, but they can be reapplied immediately.
Which effect, by full name, is being applied that you feel shouldn't be?
The last time it happened I definitely know the web effect from the spider family of hunter pets was applied.
Same problem here as of 5.0.4. I know for sure Death Knight's Chains-of-Ice, and I believe several others. Is it because some of these are considered roots and not snares?
Seems to be fixed now. Thanks blizz!
I have been having the same issues. My specific examples have been warrior charge, and ring of frost. You say its fixed now?

EDIT: This is not yet fixed as I have confirmed this in a bg. Hunter as able to Scatter Shot.
Those are stuns. It clears all snares and roots.
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Please explain. I am not complaining, just curious. If I am dispersed, does that not mean anything that prevents me from moving should not work? Stun or not, it prevents movement. A bit confused.

It 'clears all snares and movement impairing effects and makes you immune to them while dispersed'. How is something that prevents movement regardless of the type of ability able to be used and succeed? Doesn't that kind of contradict the tool tip?

It just seems to me that if any ability is able to be used on us to slow us or stun us while dispersed, our 2 piece bonus is terrible and dont get me started on the 4 piece. Extra run speed while dispersed? Oh wait Ill just stun him so his bonus is worthless.
Roots root you in place so you cannot move, but can still act and turn.
Snares slow your movement.

Both of the previous are considered movement impairment effects since that is what they are limited to doing and is pretty much their entire purpose, to impair movement.

Stuns prevent all actions, not just movement.
Disorients are just like stuns, but break on damage.

Neither of the previous 2 are considered movement impairing effects since they cause complete loss of control. They are not intended to limit your movement, but prevent action instead.

Then there are Fears, Horrors, Charms, Silences, Polymorphs, etc.

Dispersion is not complete CC immunity. It only prevents roots and snares. It does not make you immune to everything. Many abilities will get you out of certain CCs, but not all. That is the limit to Dispersion.

If you still have further questions, I'd highly recommend taking it up on the Priest class forum since discussion on this forum is frowned upon, and this thread is a necro from 2 years ago to boot.
Do not shy from dark paths... if those paths lead to victory -Apothecary Zamah
I appreciate the info. Thank you.

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