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You wanted a challenge. Well, you got one! Rather than venturing into the wilds of Azeroth to find this week's pet, Major Payne has request you to engage each other in spirited battle. The teensy, weensy, itsy, bitsy caveat you ask? You merely need to defeat 250 other tamers. As Payne said, "that's all there is to it!"

So let the commentary and stories of shameful loss commence!
I got mine mostly by playing Moonlight and Darkness comps.

Good times.
Mr.bigglesworth helped me get mine by countering the other direhorns hehe
My Dot & Heal team was my primary team.

Scourged Whelp
Fel Flame
Fiendish Imp

It was weak to aquatic and sandstorm, but it stood me well.

Crawling Claw
Fast Bunny

Was another team I liked.


Lil' Rags
Fast Bunny
Blighthawk (Howard)

was surprisingly successful.

I had a number of people forfeit after they played very badly against my bunny.
I used 3 direhorns prenerf, 10% of my wins were from people forfeiting.

1k for a title? lol, hopefully a 500 win pet is added in the future
I've give the nod to Pygmy pre-nerf but I think Stunteds better in 5.4. Direhorns don't seem totally overpowered now but still a strong all-around pet. Like I said in the Valk thread though, Pygmy with Trihorn Shield would be a good counter for that dominant pet.
I am sorry to say that I won a majority of my 250 wins with my Unborn Val'kyr, Gilnean Raven and Crow.

I never used Haunt btw - Unholy Ascension :D
10/04/2013 03:01 PMPosted by Crithto
stories of shameful loss
Nope. Never happened, and you have no proof otherwise!

However, I do adore my lil' green direhorn for grinding critters.
I got most of my wins with my Undead team

Crawling Claw
Ghostly skull
Spirit crab

still one of my fav teams :D

250 wins.

Then used Stunted direhorn,broom,qiraji guardling to farm out 1,000 wins.

But i used OP FOTM pets so my wins don't count. According to some of the stupider posters here.
I had a fair amount of success with my Stunbomb team, featuring:

Kun-Lai Runt

I used other teams for variety, but this was probably my most successful comp.
I can't even remember what I used honestly. It's been a while. I like to mix up my teams and get bored easy but I'm sure I had swap teams, minefield teams, darkness, and other experimental thrown together teams. For a while I was big on a Valk, Anub, and Scourged Whlp but Crush in Sandstorm was too rage inducing so I had to quit that one even though it was pretty decent.

I really like the Direhorns. I esp appreciate that their deserved nerf was done with a scalpel rather than a hammer ala the poor FFF. They are still strong pets just not ridiculous.

One more thing. Why do we get a kick !@# pet for 250 wins and nothing but an ach for 5000? Not cool!!
I agree. If I ever DO reach 1000, I want another pet for it. It's not my PLAN to reach 1000 and beyond...but if it ever happens, I would like to be rewarded for my time. I know I'm not alone here. :)
I ran several comps for my grind to 1k wins.

Prenerf Infected Squirrel/Thundering Hatchling/Jade Ooze was a crazy fun team. Pretty solid against Direhorns too.

But I grinded most of them with my Direhorn (switched the H/S one for the P/P one when I hit 250 wins), S/S Imp and with either a second Direhorn (P/S) or Ghostly Skull (H/P) as my third.

That being said, I can't say I miss Direhorns infesting the meta. It allows far more comps to flourish since you're not practically required to run a Direhorn/Direhorn counter to succeed.
I'm a few battles away from getting mine! I love direhorns! I'm also getting wins with my Valk and Elemental teams. Soon I'll have that stunted!
I used Scourged Whelpling, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, and S/S Crow for the majority of my wins for the little guy.

Ah, the days when the Basilisk was a real contender...
I started off with all sorts of teams including 3 moths, a few undead teams and mixed ones but got kind of tired of PVP so I squeezed the last 50 matches in before the nerf and drank beer while spamming 1 & 2 on my stunted dire horn, pygmy direhorn, pygmy direhorn team.

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