The Golden Lotus Quartermaster is mising

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Well he's not there after the Siege 5.4 went live it seams that this The Golden Lotus Quartermaster is mising...

Where did he go or who replaced him and where are they?
he's still there. he's under the shrine, where the challenge mode guy is and the charms person is, he's pouting in a corner
he's pouting in a corner

It's funny because his favorite spot got nuked
Wowhead says that he moved to the Shrine(s) on the bottom level next to Xarl.

edit: others beat me to it.
He's on the first floor of the Shrine of Seven Stars. Jaluu the Generous.

Oh, and thank you. I didn't realize I'd never bought the mount from the August Celestials. Score! ^.^
The thing I miss most about the old vale is the moths that used to fly over the area with the GL vendor. I'd crittermorph them into flying pigs.

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