What is new world pvp boss called for 5.4?

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where is it located and how do i get there
Are you referring to Moonfang? If so, she is located in the western forest area of Darkmoon Faire. She has 174 million health and can drop the following items (as far as I currently know):

Moon Moon (battle pet)
Moonfang Shroud (white wolf's head covering for your head or helm)
Shimmering Moonstone (temporary wolf mount usable only during Faire)
Moonfang's Paw (turns you into a white wolf for 10 minutes)
Moonfang's Pelt (quest item)
Celestials - Center arena on Timeless Isle of the coast of the Jade Forest. 4 bosses.... first kill of a boss will give loot. Loot once a week.

Ordos - North on Timeless Isle. Must have legendary cape on a character on your WoW account in order to enter the courtyard where he is located. Loot once a week.

Moonfang - Mini boss. Only during Darkmoon Fair. Spawns on the west side of the island near a bunch of cages. Spawns about every hour. No limit on times you can loot.

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