reforging tips?

What do you think of my reforges/gems? What changes should i make to maximize dps? I've looked back at a few sites and i think its OK for now, Thoughts?
P.s - How sexy is my xmog
It looks like you're face-palming your shoulderpads.
Ok. So you appear to be stacking Mastery but you need to get to the Haste cap (48% Raid buffed) before hand and even then Crit (to 22-23%) then Mastery.

At your ilvl you won't get to that haste cap even if you do the following reforge and gems.

Anyway try these for starters:

Change all your Pure red gems (brilliants) to Int/Haste (Reckless Vermilion) or Expertise/Haste (Crafty Vermilion) if you are under the 15% hit cap.

If you are still having Hit cap issues change your Purples (veiled) for Rigid Rivers Heart (320 Hit) otherwise use Lightning Wild Jade (160 Hit/160 Haste).

Enchant your bracers (180 Int) and grab the Living Steel Belt Buckle. Use a 320 Haste Gem (yellow)

Lastly, you have the Legendary cloak but not the Sinister Diamond gem (Head Meta)? The 30% Spell proc comes in handy.

Finally get your professions maxed for the free 320 stat bonus. Mining is not a good choice for Mages - try tailoring or enchanting.


You're welcome.

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