[Feedback Thread] LFR Wing 3 - The Underhold

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Post your consolidated feedback for wing 3 LFR here. Bosses include:

-Spoils of Pandaria
-Thok the Bloodthirsty

Include any relevant information you might want to share, such as time to clear/number of stacks/full pug or partial guild, etc. Do all the encounters feel just right or do any of them need adjustments ala Nazgrim? Sound off here.
malkorok feels tuned just right.
doing spoils now.
Zoned in after Malkorok.

Raid couldn't get the door open to Spoils, so everybody bailed.
same problem as Onaeva.
the door boss doesn't even give loot.
First run through 3rd wing. Entered with little prior knowledge of fights.

Malkorok: Pretty well tuned. One-shot it even with most people not knowing mechanics. Maybe (just maybe) nerf the damage during rage a tad.

Spoils: Took 3 stacks to down. Kept running out of time with decent dps. Either nerf the health of the mobs, increase the timer, or reduce the amount of mobs we have to kill to pull lever.

Thok: One-shot it again. Maybe a tad easy, but I liked it. Might want to re-think how the cells are opened. Seems like one troll could mess up the raid by not using the key.
Spoils no-one else knows anything. It should be automated group split and crate opening. It's getting ridiculous now. It's fully open for griefing. 4 stacks and counting even with everyone knowing strategy.
you can't be serious about the door lol
Ran it on this toon:

Pre-Boss Trash - If your group knows which to avoid to make the straight cut to boss, it is fine. If your group can't get it together or stumbles through... might be here a long, long time.

Malkrok - Very healer intense. If your healers aren't on the ball, you might sit here a bit. Our group actually 1 tanked, 1 shotted it. But, healers were really on it and the tank was a geared DK.

Spoils - This may be the "NERF THIS THING!" fight of this wing. There is just nothing you can do if the mantid side doesn't figure out bomb mechanics. No matter how good mogu side is clearing, if mantid side struggles... it is over. We took 4 stacks to clear this particular fight.

Thok - Simple fight. Boss has the old dragon model of "head and rear are bad". Be mindful of fixate phases and burn the add and you're sitting pretty. Had a few die in the final moments because they were not prepared for burning blood effects. Still 1 shotted it.

Total wipes = 5 (4 bosses, 1 trash).

Short version - I'd run this wing 10 times rather than run 2nd wing once, in LFR. Even with spoils being the group-breaker, this wing just feels better tuned than 2nd, or even 1st wing on week 1 release.
Malk and Thok were fine.

Spoils was an exercise in asking people in LFR to form sub-groups.
Would have to agree with all the above on Thok and Malk. being tuned right for the LFR lovely raiders..
However spoils, now either its a bug or intended but not being able to open up the green boxes with the Mistweaver, Brewmaster, windwalker mob that provides upon death A BUFF sort of makes the encounter counterproductive. It took my LFR group 5 attempts due to either one group lack of dps, so to make up some melee decided to have xmas early and open as many boxes as they could and side would get overwhelmed rather quickly.

So blizz a few things:
-make green boxes available for buff for raid
-Lower health pool of some of the adds (those sparks from urns people tend to just ignore like the urn then your room becomes filled with sparks)
-Increase the time for each room

Really enjoyed this fight on flex and normal and lfr just killed it for me..especially not having access to the buff :(
Spoils as it stands is terribly suited to LFR.

they made this encounter harder for no reason lol
Only did Spoils and Thok. Thok was 1-shot even though most people didn't know what to do. Spoils took 6 wipes to get down, and even then we only won by half a second (literally, the alarm system timer had expired and the voice was announcing our destruction or whatever it says, when we finished).

Three of our wipes were due to not enough DPS, the other three were due to stupid people being stupid - not splitting into groups correctly, popping all the boxes, etc. You'll never fix stupid people in LFR, so I don't think there's much you (Blizzard) can do to force split groups and such. But I do think the buff either need to be working in LFR, or the timers need to be longer - we had some bad DPS sure, but 6 Determination buffs and we just barely made it? Yeah, a little too tight.

Just did Malk. 1-shot him, pretty easy fight, lots of fun though.
one more thing...900 million health on thok? lol...will be literally impossible without people doing 200k to carry those doing 30k

edit: just hit enrage, 5 people over 100k ;/


malkorok: leave an "imprint" of the arcing smashes, so its easier to tell where to stand without someone using markers.

spoils: give players the pandaren buffs

thok: lower health
Spoils probably needs about 25% more time, or 25% less health, to accommodate your usual LFR group.
Spoils probably needs about 25% more time, or 25% less health, to accommodate your usual LFR group.

it really is puzzling why the special buffs are disabled. it would make a big difference.
yeah for Spoils and Thok to function for LFR, you would essentially need unlimited kicks, and I dont see that happening.

The dps requirements on both are just too high carrying people doing less than 70k
one idea: killing the windwalker npc gives all players the claw buff, that would boost raid dps a good amount.

of course, we need to enable the boxes...
Did it this afternoon, didnt seem too bad, tbh.

Malk was a one-shot, and honestly felt a little *too* easy. I felt like all i was doing was tunneling while avoiding arcing smashes (ranged soaked the purple swirlies).

Spoils was slightly difficult. We ended up with 3 or 4 stacks (lost count). First time was due to people overloading on one side and leaving the other short, plus everyone opening boxes. The rest were DPS related as we hit the timers. Once we got it down, the fight was *still* bananas fast and, IMO, a blast.

Thok was another one-shot, and quite fun too. I enjoyed the mechanics, remembered how to kite (I was the first fixate), and didn't mind the downtime. The only thing that mildly annoyed me was trying to find a place to DPS him at the end without ending up standing in stupid. Felt like i was constantly moving.

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