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@ Bubbleoseven


I admire the attempt to match items from so many sets some of it just doesn't match very well. Might look better with white hair as well.
Minimalist yet still looks like functional armor. Color coordination is spot on and I've always been a fan of those shoulders. 8/10

@ Rhadamir
Looks fierce . Color scheme is awesome. Loving the red tones and the mace complements. You look like a bad gladiator chick. 9/10
Though I see what you're going for, those shoulders have too much of a blueish/silver tinge to them for my liking. Though it's nice to see the lawbringer set being used away from the typical banana pally look.
9/10 Excellent. Everything matches, with a hint of blue. Really no complaints at all - solid and awesome job.
@shin i like you have a maching color tabard. the sword coloring matches exactly but i've never been a fan of that sword model so 8/10
9/10 Always liked that set but the weapon could be better.
8/10 - Don't think the sword matches

Edit: My sword on my armor pic is brighter than that. Click "Export Character Image" button to see how it is supposed to look.

I'm one of those weirdos who like Lawbringer, and you found a good headpiece to go along with it without adding any extra bananas.

9/10 love it, reminds me of mine a bit :D

Getting new pants, boots and might replace gloves. I'm thinking either it's between Conqueror and Lawbringer for each 3 slots. Any ideas?
@ Tankeh - 7/10, its well put together sir, just need some pants

@Bralton - 9.5/10, I like how gritty the set looks. I kinda feel that the weapon should help reflect that as well. Extra points for using a common shield that I haven't seen mogged before. Have you thought about what kind of headpiece to do with it?

Repost with my helm and 2-hander for Ret...why i'm in such a crappy stance is beyond me...
As far as mogs go - 9/10

As far as Paladin Mogs go - 6/10

To me, a Paladin is supposed to be that knight in shining armor. Your char looks a bit more neutral.
@Lumen That is a complete set, which goes together. But that Lawbringer "Bananadin" set always makes me laugh. 5/10
8/10 Paladiny DK, i like it!
used to use it on my heal set a bit, I hope you can hunt down the matching gloves!
7/10 Avenguard

Simple and clean I love it! But you really need to get some good weapons to tie the whole thing together.
Looks simple and not flashy. 6/10
Ur a champion for earning that set. I just wish the set had nicer shapes and colors to it. 7/10
looks good apart from shoulders

looks good apart from shoulders


Can't possibly hate that set. That goes double for the elite version.



That is an excellently executed set. I never thought that I'd actually enjoy any incarnation of the banana shoulders.

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