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5/10. Is that even a set? I dont why you use that sword for mog, I feel like it's too thin.

9/10 I think the tabard is a bit too orange for that set, but overall looks awesome.
8/10 always loved/wanted that set.
Me? :)
If you're finished then it's about 3/10. Not much matches and a lot of stuff you haven't touched yet.

As for if you can make it look like that helmet and shoulders. I think you could have a 9 on your hands.
9/10 - you bring a good balance of gold and blue to the set. I would have liked to have seen your helm, but I can see why you wouldn't want to show it with that hairstyle you chose. Good work!
5/10- the shoulders, gloves, cloak and sword don't really match.
9/10 -- Looks great overall, i just think the tabard has too much white.


Good to see another Argent Crusader :D

I love your weapon choice, but if I were you, I'd show the helmet. Plate hoods are too cool. Of course, that's just my opinion.

I'd use a different sword and helmet. Never was a fan of that helmet.
8/10 always was a sucker for pally t10, love the axe too ^.^
10/10 Gorgeous!

I used to be Human, and this was my xmog for almost 2 years. I don't play this guy a lot anymore mainly because he's a cow. :/

I like cow paladins
Happy with mine however I'd like the belt from DS heroic that matches the boots

10/10 because I love that set! :D

5/10 boots are a little off but not bad :D
8/10 Not a bad set.
@Oxtie I really like yours, love that t6 warrior helm! 10/10
i always liked that set! ill give it a 9/10.
8/10 Gem in shield doesn't go with rest of mog. Otherwise, its good.

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