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9/10 cept for the wierd looking shoulders.
8/10 @ akios.

Classy. So so classy
Awesome set, I like the dark brooding look.
one of my favorite set,go to black temple and kill the first bos for the boot..

Not bad. But reminds me a bit too much of The Wizard of Oz


In case, you can't see the mog properly.
Not a big fan of the set myself but the colours do match except for the shield and the sword which you could do better with. 7/10.

I love my set except for the damn legs not reaching the boots. Also I probably need a better weapon.

me gusta
@ Zenalpaladin 1o/10 Love the outfit.. Rock on

Got my eye on another sword that matches better but too low of level to use it and while I love the way these shoulders match there's another "fancier" set I'll swap when I can get it.
@Xaun 8/10 decent vanilla mog.
@Ghostbbq 9/10, iconic Paladin Alliance-themed armor.
@Jellibeenz 7/10. Your tabard doesn't match.
@Tytanis 9/10 . I love it! Although you dont much look like a warrior. Seems more paladinish to me.
@Solaira 7/10. I mean, that set is awesome. The colors are great, and the crown matches it very well, even better than the helm from the set I would say. But idk, it's like a collection of overused sets :P The weapon doesn't really fit imo, but that sword for sure is badass

Holy crap dude, I like it.
7/10 definitely a cool "Argent Crusade soldier" look but you need a cool sword to match

I like it, kind of a "hex-tech" paladin thing going on. The weapon isn't mogged, but then again you got it an hour ago.

Overall I like it very much, the tabard is fabulous too and brings the whole look together.


10/10. Very nice match with the sword and shield.

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