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I really like the shield for the look your going for.

I like it. It's so blue

pretty original...nice use of gorehowl

pretty original...nice use of gorehowl


It doesn't look bad, just has no personality.
9/10 very nice set, works far better on a tauren than a human
9/10 very nice set, works far better on a tauren than a human

Your eyes give me the chills. SEXY 9.5/10

Note: My ninja sword glows red with the pvp enchant
Panda pally?!
Mines almost done! Just need that 25 M Sword from Ulduar
Very fantastic transmog! Still need that weapon though as you have said 8/10
8/10, like the colors :)
8/10 not a common/overused look the colors over the PVP set that looks similar
9/10, it looks great, really like how the new chest matches older gear, the weapon seems a bit bright but i think it works!

I think you have a very interesting look, though I feel the headpiece is just slight off. Still, you obviously took some time to farm the DK look-a-like pieces.

Also I really like that while you are wearing quote "dark" pieces it seems like it has this Paladin quality too it.

8/10, I'm just not a fan of the helmet, just ever so slightly off color.

thx...the weapon is a lot brighter in the armory pic compared to in game.

I agree with Jirek overall looks good, helm needs a tweak


9/10 for making the T11 stuff look good....I hated the blue set when I had it, was a draenei at the time
8/10 I really enjoy'd the immo set from cata :(
@ lems

Mismatch/10, if that's the inteion but if its an actual mog it needs some work.

I don't know if I like mine, trying a mixup of Ht11 and regular t13 tell me what you think.
@Rhadamir 9/10. Wonderful set match, even though I hated the look on my pally. Nice job with the weapon.
That's a pretty dark and grim outfit. 8.5/10. I kinda feel that the helm should match a little better with the reds that you've got going with the rest of the outfit. More blood is definitely needed.

blooooood..... /drool
@Cadmus 7/10, I dislike the weapon and the eye patch thing but everything goes together really well.

As for mine, keep in mind I'm still trying to get the gloves/belt that go with the set.

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