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9/10 go green or go home :)
Tabard really makes ur set complete Akios 9/10
9/10 - great work on collecting the gear, you really make the blue work. I think that the goggles need to be a different model though, because of the golden highlights through the lightforge recolor.
oooh! I like that mog alot actualy I shall give it 9/10!
9/10 I really like that armor set and weapon but I'm not a big fan of the red version of it.
9/10. Only thing that would make you look better is if you were a Draenei Paladin :P
Idilia check out this weapon. Think it looks great with your set. aswell
7/10@kemosu Need a little more bright yellow on pants and boots. and the pirate sword is kinda off.
Hey thanks Kemosu! I like Rigormortis. Only reason I have this weapon is because the looks make me think instantly of a healer. I know it doesn't quite fit the rest of my set but it yells "Healer" to me.
Oh and Guki, 7/10. Everything but the helm/shoulders match. Love the weapon with the rest of the gear.
@ Idilia

I like everything but those boots on a Draenei. 8/10 :)

I love this sword because it sheathes on my back!
Pretty cool 8/10, I don't like the look of the weapon.

I/m looking for a better helm, anyone have any suggestions?
Pretty cool 8/10, I don't like the look of the weapon.

I/m looking for a better helm, anyone have any suggestions?

You could always go with the Lightbringer crown. Other than that, for that colour scheme at least, you're pretty much stuck with that helmet or, iirc, one of the engineering goggles(which doesn't help because you aren't an engineer). Or just hiding the helm slot.

Also 7/10 would be better with a different weapon. Might I suggest Mograine's Immaculate Might?(I have the same set on this paladin and that's what I use. The gold on MM matches the gold trim on the armour). Also grab Cloak of Frozen Spirits(crafted cloak).

Edit: Logged out in my armour just to give you an idea as to what the mace and cloak look like with the set.

Now if only Blizzard could add 3D rendered models to the armory...
Looks very Draeneish :D

Please note: My transmog is very simple.. But everyone seems to love it.
Do you guys think i should wear my tabard of the scarlet crusade or just let the chest armor shine?
7/10 - Weapon and shield don't entirely match. I also have a light bias against basic sets, they lack originality and uniqueness. I'd say go without the tabard, the low quality graphics on it will make the set loo strange with how high quality it i
8/10 - very nice. I really like those shoulders though not a fan of the weapons lol but overall great transmog
I like how basic that is. Simplicity that works. And I like the contrasting weapon. 8/10.
I like the monk vibe. I'm sure there's a shield that might fit your color scheme a bit better, though. Boots with skulls throw me off a bit. 8/10

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