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I don't think the CM set is very Blood Elf-y
@ Deeceed
I like the armor and the shield, but not a fan of the sword.
^^^ I give u a 5/10

I find your set to be very bland and boring and you look like an NPC standing around storm wind. I PERSONALLY don't like that look but w/e. It all matches and looks cute still I guess.

But IMO, Paladins are supposed to sparkle and glow and be pretty.
Love the wings and sword, just not a fan of platekini :(

Kind of Dark Blood Knight Thing going on, which I llike.

I think you could do more with the weapon though, twinblade of the phoenix is pretty bland.

I give props to anyone who color matches their own set, rather than using a set tier outfit.

7/10, a better weapon will push you to the 8-9/10 range.

Really annoyed that my sword doesn't show it's purple glow in the armory view, ah well.
8/10, I really like the whole set, but the sword doesn't exactly fit, but cool nonetheless
8/10. Nice matching weapon. Sort of looks like a robot!


I'm digging the golden platekini, but your shield doesn't match at all. I assume that you just haven't bothered to mog it yet or Armory's being weird.
@aurelio 8/10 like the bronze look nice power ranger helmet :P
9/10 Nachos good xmogs
Get @ me!
9/10 maybe even 10/10
Like the contrast of yellow and black. And of course it's nice to see someone else rocking the Light's Justice.

justicar look awesome just need to get new weapon for it 8/10
I like it a lot. 10/10
Not showing sword but blade of wizardry ftw
8/10 I like the shoulders, remind me of wrath.
Finished mine!
8.5/10 - Never really liked that helm much, not that the T1 helm was any better. I kinda feel that if you are going to mix in a weapon that if you are going to focus your set on just 2 color tones, then your weapon should reflect that as well. But still, good work getting it all together!

8/10. Matches well and I can see the innate glow from the brutal gladiators salvation really tying it all together.

In regards to my transmog: OLDIE BUT GOODIE

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