New Endless Healer Proving Grounds Exploit?

Bug Report
I was thinking the same thing, especially since I've never seen that one druid anywhere near the top ranks before.
There is definitely an exploit, and we can hope to see them taken care of in a ban-wave.
Not sure what the OP said, but it's happening in tank PG as well:

Details edited out.
From what I understand, the exploit isn't possible in endless damage proving grounds, only tank and healing.

I've seen some posts on MMO Champion,, and Pretty much, you start a trial, yield, and then click endless immediately so that the party of NPC's doesn't have enough time to respawn, leaving you alone with the mobs. From there, night elves can Shadowmeld and druids can stealth.

I know that other race/class combos can simply outrange the first 8 waves by standing on the other end of the room near one of the pillars. As for wave 9, I don't know if there's a way to avoid pulling aggro without stealth. I suspect there is, because I've seen other race/class combos that have gotten past Wave 100 the same day they got their Wave 30 achievement. I cannot say for sure that these people are using the exploit, but it's very, very odd and quite a coincidence.
I just checked to see if this bug was still persisting and it appears that Blizzard has fixed it. I'm happy, but what about the people who already exploited this bug? Will their scores be reset? Will everyone's score be reset? I hope that something is done because I feel that these exploits have crushed the integrity of endless Proving Grounds. I realize that Proving Grounds are meant to allow players to practice different roles; however, I have really enjoyed the competitive aspect of endless.

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