Guys i have 14% hit rating

this blows. it's not like i get bonus damage like expertise. I think i have around 2.5k extra hit rating. if that was all mastery that is almost like an extra blessing of might. this is rediculous. what's worse is since i have a heroic feather it is really hard to replace it with anything else since i already have galrakas trinket. maybe the static strength trinket would be good for me even though the proc is crit it doesn't have an internal cd so it would proc similar to the feather.

anyone else have this issue? i feel like they are nerfing plate dps until they can get gear past the first wing.

my target dummy dps with just a mastery self buff is around 170k +- 4k dps. i feel like it should be alot higher for my ilvl.


this makes me want to get on the bandwagon just get rid of hit/expertise alltogether. it is not fun when you flood us with hit gear on the last tier of an expansion. if you removed all hit and expertise from our gear i'm pretty sure we could still reforge to reach the caps how we see fit.

No but really your gear is almost the worst case scenario as far as hit goes.
You have the curse of why do all the early bosses in SoO drop hit rating offset pieces.

If you're that far over, depending on the piece you're replacing they might not be more damage. They might be, and then you're just screwed for a while.
...Looked at thread title and immediately though, "Welcome to the club."
So it isn't just me that's being driven nuts by the constant reforging each time I get a piece of SoO gear. It's completely throwing off my entire gemming strat because I don't need all the extra hit I'd get from those gems. I've been opting for straight strength gems and str/haste for now and just eating a bit of the dps loss until I get tier gear. Ugh.

Anyone have any ideas on how else to deal with this? Better gem options? I was at nearly 10% when I swapped out just two pieces of gear before reforging.
Use stam hybrids to match blue sockets, stop taking hit gear over pieces with double DPS stats.
I only have the one blue socket. Stam gemming is a good idea though. I can't get too choosy with my gear though. LFR and all. Going from ToT LFR gear to this SoO gear is a headache, but the ilvl jump is too much to ignore. If I want to stay mostly alive in these raids that is.

Is anyone having issues with expertise as well?
I've replaced exactly two pieces of gear so far. Only still having problems with hit, which is preventing me from using two other pieces I've gotten from Flex Wing1.
I was sitting on some flex pieces, but ultimately just disenchanted them. Bracers, shoulders, a ring, fusion core, a belt and neck, which the game decided to give me much higher ilvl versions of.

Going from upgraded normal tot (or timeless) gear to flex with a wasted stat is a marginal sidegrade if I would have dumped the valor on them, and so they just flat out weren't worth it. If it's a high enough ilvl jump, it can be an upgrade still.. and in that case you just get to eat the hit rating until the later bosses open up, because their drops have far better itemization.
None of the gear I picked up save my bracers had expertise on it. When I swapped out I went from just a hair above cap to 4%. I have 8 pieces of gear from SoO LFR currently equipped and it's a desert for expertise from what I have seen.
Expertise shows up on the mid and later gear, and none of it has hit.
I thought my 8.49% was bad... can't wait to swap out the Feather.
Woot! Back under 8% hit! Good riddance, thunderforged troll sword!
Woot! Back under 8% hit! Good riddance, thunderforged troll sword!


Getting rid of that thing is what inspired me to ditch my TF feather purely out of spite.
I actually still need the hit off Feather, now, though. Even had to drop all my stam hybrids.
Pretty much hit starved atm, Siege pieces actually have decent hit/expertise this tier.
well i got some upgrades and i'm down to 11.73%

if i can ever get a flex or normal thoks tail and replace my feather that would bump me down to 8.58 so there is hope yet.
At least you don't have a racial that gives you 1% hit.

My ele shaman is also way over hit cap. I don't know what Blizzard's deal is. Are they mad that people complained about hit not being a fun stat?
oh wow that would suck hahah having a hit racial.

idk what their deals are. it's not fun in end game content, it's not fun at level 1 when you have no chance against a level 8 mob on the way to thunderbluff even though you have good heirloom gear and enchants and !@#$.
I ditched both my normal feather and Zerat a few weeks ago.... Felt good.

But now I got the hit/mastery belt off of I think shamans or something, and idk what to do with it cause I have the haste/mastery flex belt.

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