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As much as I want the feature to hit my realm, I don't mind waiting. Imagine a scenario where they implemented it to every realm at the same time and there's a bug that deletes characters. Imagine the backlash from that.

I'm perfectly fine with waiting while they work out any strange kinks. One positive from the Black Dragonflight/Skullcrusher merge was the timing. It didn't take nearly as long as the first two. Remember, the feature is just as new to Blizzard as it is to us. give them some time.

imagine where theres a scenario where they take 3 months for a process that they said they were going to put in 5.4 but they dident. Imagine a process where a ton of people unsubb from a game because a company wont keep their word and they are on dead realms... these people need to be offered something in return if they have been on the realm for over 1 or 2 years because that is just a waste of $15 monthly they are spending to not get the full wow experience they were promised in the first place. I applaud all the people who are on a dead realm and havent moved yet, those are the patient ones and most have probably quit from the game... i would too because i wont pay $200 to move all my characters, thats outrageous.
Wow. Looks like they've decided that they don't want a place to discuss Connected Realms now, and that there's nothing to say for quite a while, so why have a sticky.

Connected Realms and CRZ both. Maybe I am playing the wrong game ?? lol
10/16/2013 12:50 PMPosted by Svalah
This whole process is taking too long
Still cannot post on my main, nor can I armory any of my toons from BDF (11 toons, 9 lvl 90's)

What gives? Any ET on when that function will be useable again for people on BDF realm?
My uncle played on Andorhal PVP for 6+ years, and he helped me get started as well. The price of $25 PER CHARACTER to transfer realms is simply outrageous, and Blizzard refuses to admit the WOW population is falling .

My uncle tried multiple times to get better deal on transferring 6 characters, but the support people refused over and over. He deserves a deal for being a long time subscriber, but Blizzard only cares about grabbing as much money as they can.

Andorhal is absolutely DEAD, you can't even purchase basic items on auction house some days, never mind getting a few people together to run Tempest Keep or anything like that.

So what needs to happen is that Blizzard needs to combine realms to increase the players in each faction, while trying to not make a huge Alliance / Horde imbalance, as that will just cause more problems.

Has Blizzard said if it'll only be 2 realms per connection, or could it be 3-4-5 realms being joined up? That's what needs to happen.
Fix Alliance Stormreaver
A H Ratio Total
19,420 42,254 0.460 61,808

Black Dragonflight
A H Ratio Total
15,792 39,175 0.403 54,982

Speculation! While increasing populations, is Blizzard trying to maintain the A:H ratio? These two are fairly close if you trust Both are PvP realms. They are in different battlegroups (Ruin vs. Stormstrike).

Blizzard said they were doing this intentionally, because some people want their servers to be unbalanced in their favor, and they're likely to leave if it changes.

Since they're still testing it, that's much more important.

That would be Insane in the .. blizzard benefits from tranfers. They just dont benefit from lost subscibers.
I wonder if they'll turn off CRZ once the populations are raised due to connecting? I miss being able to kite things into Org.. (They disappear at the gate now)
Any plans to connect realms that suffer not from underpopulation, but from severe faction imbalance? Yesterday, Sargeras had roughly 20 90s online at 7:00 PM. Alliance had well over a thousand, at the very least. It would be nice to get hooked up to a server with the inverse problem, like Illidan.
Some love for medivh pls?

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